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Editor's Pick One-Off Event Sunday Every Week July 29 - May 31


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Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu


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Sunday Brunch Description

Unique to Beijing, Chef too has a very authentic Sunday Brunch -

this is straight out of Manhattan!
Eggs Sardou, Crab Oscar Omelette, Lobster Club Sandwich as well as pancakes, French Toast, Huevos rancheros, BBQ Eggs, Steak & Eggs (prime fillet mignon) and eggs how you like-em! and of course our famous "Tir-a-mi-Su

Oh yea - Kids eat free, thats right Kids eat free
(kids under 12 accompanies by adults whom are dining, of course. choose from three kids menus - pancakes, or eggs or sandwich

Published by chefbilly on 07/31/2007

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  • tombschrader
Comment by tombschrader - 11/09/2007

Hey Chef Billly, quick question. How much is the brunch?

  • chefbilly
Comment by chefbilly - 11/09/2007

between 68 & 98, kids small menu @ no charge

Average price for two adults and one or two kids about 200rmb, and thats a little bit on the high side.


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City Weekend Says

Sunday brunch, Manhattan style. Come try the New York classics such as eggs sardou, crab oscar omelette and lobster crab sandwiches, as well as all time favorites like pancakes, French toast, huevos rancheros and eggs, any way you like em. Kids under 12 eat free. RMB68-RMB98.