The Beat: Beijing’s Show Business

  Following plenty of speculation and a fair amount of ambiguity, legendary Beijing live house MAO

Behind the Music: Last Train

Jean Noel, the lead singer from Last Train, tells us about life as a rock star. You’ve played

Incoming: Surfer Blood

Florida indie rock quartet Surfer Blood has confirmed five dates in China in July, according to the

Win: Two Tickets to Night Shft

Love trap music? Keen to see UZ spin some trap music at Yugong? Enter this ticket giveaway and see

Party of the Week: Marcopalooza

Marcopalooza is essentially one man’s attempt to march to the pace of his own drum. Go to

Behind the Music: Guiguisuisui

There are plenty of bands with talent and charisma who really know how to fill a stage.

Behind the Music: Boiler Room's Michail Stangl

Electronic music platform Boiler Room makes its long-awaited China debut this weekend with a slew

The Beat: Wang Wen's New Album, Sweet Home, Go

Wang Wen's latest album, Sweet Home, Go, is an ode to life and the changing of the seasons. The

Beijing Nightlife: This Weekend's Best Events

The logistics of organizing festivals has long been a source of grief for the people who would see

[CLOSED] Win: Two Tickets to Great Wall Run Festival

We bet you never thought you could combine drinking with sport, and you are right - you can't. What

Party of the Week: Great Wall Run Festival

Nightlife, by definition, usually happens at night. It often involves LED lights and dark rooms

Beijing Nightlife: This Weekend's Best Events

We're only four months in, and 2016 has already been cruel to us indeed. And while we know that

Behind the Music: Steven McKinney of Stevie Mac and the Mac Daddies

How Steven McKinney became Stevie Mac of Stevie Mac and the Mac Daddies. Behind the Music: Steven

Party of the Week: Shadowplay Presents FULL_SCREEN

Shadowplay has been bringing together electronic music and visual arts since 2013. From that time,

The Beat: China's Music Schools

By some minor misfortune, I studied Peking Opera when I was at school. I considered quitting after

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The Beat: MHP - Son of Techno

Shanghai-based electronic musician MHP (马海平) just released his debut full-length album

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