La Fourchette

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A7 Sanlitun Road



City Area:


Same building as the Friendship Store



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¥200-299 for two
Latest update: 03/19/2014

La Fourchette Description

This French restaurant doesn't have the most authentic decor, but the food is fresh, delicious and fantastic value for money. The restaurant excels in wine, with a whopping 48 wines by the glass in Enomatic machines, and service is genuinely welcoming and knowledgeable.

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  • proeater
    3 reviews
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Visited on 12/22/2012


It was around Xmas, they had a jazz band it was really nice. Plus with the light effects it made me feel like home, as if I was eating at a classy restaurant in Paris. The food was just amazing, but you really need to know french food in order to enjoy it. Apparently they have a lot of customers who come from embassies, which tells us a lot about they quality. I've had the opportunity to speak with the manager who was also very nice, who told me that the owner was French/Chinese: And I was like, "oh that's why!".
In summary, the food was DELICIOUS, especially for its price (I ate around 150) for something that I'd need to pay for at least 50 euros back home. The service still needs improvement, it isn't perfect. But overall, it's very promising and I go there at least once a month!


  • melimelo
    5 reviews
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OMG .....when i went to "la fourchette" 2 month ago , my friends and I ate outside, ALL our napkin were used.... i can imagine the kitchen after saw that ...! !!!
The food was ....... No comment ! salads of goat cheese , without goat cheese! was a joke ! fortunately the service was good .


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  • La Fourchette

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    City Weekend Review

    Surprise Hit

    4.5/5 stars

    We walked into La Fourchette expecting something inauthentic and overpriced, but we were wrong. The food is fresh and delicious, with fantastic value for money. The restaurant excels in wine, and service is genuinely welcoming and knowledgeable.

    Our misconceptions came from the décor. This place has a nice outdoor area, but while the interior is comfortable, there are many elements of that Chinese-style “European” look, from the bronze-colored velvet curtains that hang from the towering ceiling to a glass-enclosed private room. But a soundtrack of 1960s French music adds some authenticity.

    Service is excellent. The Chinese manager speaks a wide variety of languages and is friendly and sincere—rather than trying to get us to order expensive items, he warned us not to over order and made sure we got a glass of water before we’d asked for one.

    The chef’s salad (¥48) is a large bowl of mixed greens, with small mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, green peas, olives, slices of beets and slivers of parmesan, with tender grilled chicken, bacon and a lovely dressing. The onion soup (¥45) is large, served very hot and topped with a piece of toast and melted Gruyere. The beefy broth is classic and satisfying. The grill menu is pricey—the cheapest steak is ¥238—but other entrees offer unbelievable value. The Argentina red prawns with homemade lobster sauce (¥96) comes with exceptional squid ink pasta and white asparagus. It would easily go for three times the price at a hotel restaurant. Dessert is also impressive. The mango mousse was fresh and perfectly textured, and the apple pie La Fourchette (¥38) boasts a crispy crust and delicious spices, beautifully presented with fresh berries.

    The wine selection is also worth mentioning—they’ve got around 2,000 wines, and plans to offer a whopping 48 wines by the glass in Enomatic machines that line one wall.

    Sienna Parulis-Cook, June, 2012

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