Restaurants in Beijing

Village Dali

This charming Yunnan restaurant is tucked away in the hutongs, not too far down the lanes from its sister restaurant, Dali Courtyard. Pay a set rate to enjoy a delightful selection of fresh, flavorful dishes, including lemongrass roasted fish, Yunnan cheese, sauteed mushrooms and more.

Crystal Jade > Indigo

Casual Cantonese, Shanghai, and Teochew-style dining, including xiaolongbao, noodles, and dim sum from this Singaporean chain with over 120 outlets in 10 countries.

Star Deli

Delightfully authentic German cakes steal the show at this cafe, which also offers German sausages for takeaway, salads, breads and a couple of sandwiches. Star Deli does authentically delicious Teutonic favorites, including Sacher torte (chocolate cake with apricot filling), boozy Black Forest cake, and a nut-rageously good carrot cake. Prices

Pak Pak > The Office Park

The CBD sister restaurant of the Wangjing favorite from the same owner as Susu serves up large portions of Thai classics. The chicken buried in fried garlic is a do-not-miss, as are the sausages. Excellent cocktails make this a fine spot to linger over your meal.


Experience excellent Italian in a naturally lit, comfortable and unpretentious environment, where one can pair wines by the half glass and up with pizzas, risottos, caprese salads and delectable charcuterie boards for extremely reasonable prices. This is an all-too-easy spot to while a day away, especially during the warmer months when outdoor

Australian Natural

Started by two friends, this company specializes in importing organic and biodynamic wine and organic honey from Australia to China. Find their wines at establishments around town, including TRB, Napa, Jing-A, Tribe, Cafe Zarah, The Orchid, Caravan, and more.

Dusk Dawn Club

This livehouse in the hutongs north of the National Art Museum is a combination bar, music venue, gallery space and open platform for the young and young at heart. DDC stands for Dusk Dawn Club and is owned by former Jianghu Jiuba manager 69. Most nights of the week, find live music spanning a variety of genres, craft beer from local breweries and

Aotu Studio

This combination art gallery, event space and hair salon was opened by a cutting-edge hairdresser and his curator partner. Ray Wu is the wizard behind the hair, while Pilar Escuder looks after the first-floor gallery/exhibition space, which also plays host to a range of cultural and community activities, including creative markets, demonstrations


The second venture from Beijing's beloved barman and music critic Badr, even in soft opening Caravan offers a promising menu that should pan out to be 70 percent Moroccan and 30 percent Cajun. The set lunch is a great deal, with a regularly rotating menu. Try to catch them when the duck étouffée or leg of lamb are available.


This room escape venue features five different themed rooms like Challenge from Hogwarts and Black Prison. Come with a group of four to eight people and solve clues to escape the labyrinth. RMB80/hour for each person. All rooms available in Chinese or English.


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