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Are You Ready to Have Your Talent Ranked for Your Visa?

Dividing expats into A, B or C

News about China ranking individuals based on merit is hardly news at all. Yet, these new rules are going to be test-driven in October and this may affect most of us. 


The Shanghaiist reports that the new streamlined work permit system is going to rank all expats who come to China for work into three distinctive categories: A, B or C. 



You guessed it, A is the highest and C is the lowest rank among us. While to us dear readers, you are all A* expats – this law is going to look at more than just your amazing choice in magazines. 


First up, there is no longer going to be a difference between work permits. All permits will come in a form of a work-permit card that will have an ID number and can be used to travel with domestically.



Second, your ranking is going to affect how you get your visa. Top talent (A grade expats) will have a “green channel”, while others may find it a little more difficult. 


Last but not least, we aren’t exactly sure how you will be graded. The Global Times said that the rank you get will depend on a variety of factors, starting from your proficiency in Chinese and ending with where you work.  But don’t worry, by the time this thing goes nation-wide next April, we will know more details. 


This system is going to be tested in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and a few other major cities this October (yep, next month), so you may want to start signing up for those Chinese lessons now. 



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