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Tech Talk: 5 Free VPNs for Your Mobile

To satisfy your inner Instagram junkie

We’ve all been there – face to face with China’s Internet censorship, our friends outside of the country don’t know how good they have it. Luckily, VPN clients for mobile phones are on the rise and are available for smartphone (iOS / Android) users. Forget the struggle over whether or not to pay for a proxy service – these five apps offer unlimited VPN connection for free:


*All of the following apps have no registration required





App Store: 5/5

Google Play: 4.5/5


Browse the web anonymously with Betternet, a VPN proxy that has been especially popular among iPhone and Android users. It’s simple: download the app, allow it to add a VPN configuration on your phone, and watch the cute Betternet shield turn blue as you connect to a secure server!



Snap VPN


App Store: 5/5

Google Play: 4.6/5


Snap VPN is another VPN client for both iPhone and Android that promises a safe and stable connection. Gain access to your favorite blocked apps in a “snap”.




App Store: Unavailable

Google Play: 4.7/5


Lantern provides a network for Android users with a quick flick of an on-off switch. The app also features a built-in newsfeed displaying articles from sources such as BBC, the New York Times and Buzzfeed – read up on current events then tweet about it right after! Feel free to check out and download their desktop version at getlantern.org



VPN Master


App Store: 5/5

Google Play: Unavailable


Conquer blocked websites and apps with VPN Master, another easy-to-use proxy for iPhone users. They even claim to have the “best VPN for school WiFi”…just make sure it’s used for educational purposes, kids.



Hotspot Shield VPN


App Store: 4.5/5

Google Play: 4.1/5


Hotspot Shield also offers high-speed VPN connection and guarantees Internet security for both iPhone and Android. With their basic features completely free and unlimited, you will have plenty of time to send those Snapchat masterpieces. 




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