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You Know You're a Third Culture Kid When…

20 things almost all TCKs can relate to

Top 20 things you will only relate to if you are a Third Culture Kid. 

You Know You're a Third Culture Kid When…


1. You have no clue how to write the date. Is it day/month/year or year/day/month or month/day/year? God knows how many forms you’ve filled in wrong.


2. You’ve flown before you could walk.


3. You have a time-zone app on your phone and always know what time it is in another continent. This also means you have a good excuse to eat cereal all day – because it’s always breakfast somewhere in the world, right?



4. If you get really excited or angry, you accidentally start speaking in a completely different language.


5. You have no clue what’s right anymore: program or programme, learned or learnt, mum or mom?


6. You swear in a language your friends around you don’t understand – and sometimes they even pick it up and start swearing in that language too.



7. You’ve rarely watched any of the kids’ shows that your friends sometimes reminisce about – but if you have, you freak out because you’ve finally met someone that understands you.


8. You get a random message from some old friend you haven’t talked to in years asking where you are and what you’re doing.


9. People keep muddling your life story and even after many years of friendship they still don’t seem to know where you are from. It doesn’t matter much though, you love them anyway.



12. Traveling by plane is like traveling by bus – you don’t even need to prepare that much, it’s second nature.


10. You are an expert at packing – but the thought of packing makes you nervous (what if you are leaving for good?)


11. You’re speaking on the phone in a language that your friends around you don’t understand and after the phone call they spend the next half hour asking you to say all these words in your own language.



12. You have loads of appliances at home with a bunch of different foreign plugs – so you always have an adaptor handy.


13. You have a preferred flight tracker website and you know the web address by heart because you constantly have to check information about your flights.


14. You have an absurdly large amount of friends on social media – and all posts get a randomly high amount of likes (but hey, we’re not complaining).



15. You travel super cheaply because you have friends everywhere you can stay with.


16. You sort your friends according to the continent you met them on.


17. When you go back to your “home” country (the country you are supposedly from) you don’t recognize the money, so you stand in front of the cashier for ages fumbling for the right change while everyone behind you in the line judges you.



18. You are either an expert at currency conversion and understand all currency references – or you lost track of how much things were worth a long time ago.


19. You become known as that friend that always brings weird snacks back home (pickled chicken feet, anyone?)


20. You are visiting a new country and decide to stay with an old acquaintance from school and end up as BFFs by the end of the trip.



Cover Photo: By Bayshoremods (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons



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