• Best Of Today: Thursday, October 30

    The week is creepy crawling along and we've finally come to the eve of Halloween. Things are going to get pretty spooky tomorrow so hold on and enjoy Thursday's best things... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, October 29

    It's a Halloween humpday, a Wednesday like no other. No, it's not Halloween today, but it's coming up quick! Time to get out and shop for your costume. If you already have ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Tuesday, October 28

    It seems like everyone is still in recovery of the insane weekend of parties in Guangzhou. It was epic. Unfortunately we're all back to reality, which we'll call Tuesday. D... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Monday, October 27

    Is everyone recovered from the crazy awesome weekend of debauchery? There was so much to do it was hard to choose. Now that it's Monday you may think the fun has ended. Thi... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Thursday, October 23

    TGIT! Yes, we're thankful it's Thursday because that means the weekend is creeping around the corner and there's a lot to do. Let's celebrate tonight with a couple of diffe... (More...)
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Make Life Easier With These 3 Apps

Guangzhou Blogs   We can't live without our mobile phones and apps surely give us a lot of help navigating life. How often do you use apps for help on a daily basis? It must be said that there are many useful and helpful Chinese apps used by local people. We will introduce some of them which we...

So Long Suns!

Guangzhou Blogs   An era has come to an end, sadly for Guangzhou's faithful nightclubbers, as a staple on Party Pier shuts its doors after three and a half years due to construction of the area. Keep calm and go say goodbye. The sun is setting on Suns Bar Lounge this Saturday, November 1 and t...

Battle Of The Bands 2014@ Hooley's

Guangzhou Blogs   Everyone wants to be a rockstar and there's no reason why you can't live your dream right here in Guangzhou! Got talent behind an instrument or a voice people can rock out to? Get your band together for this years hottest contest. How fitting that it would be held at City Week...

International Day 2014@ The British School of Guangzhou

Guangzhou Blogs   It's that time of year again where families and vendors come together for a fun-filled day of activities, entertainment, food and quality time. It's all happening at a beautiful lakeside setting this Saturday, November 1 from 11am to 3pm.   The British School of Guang...

GZ Weekender: It's Spectacular!

Guangzhou Blogs   Neither the craziness of Canton Fair or the dreariness of the drizzle and haze will keep us down. There is so much to do this weekend that you're going to go into a tailspin! Get ready Guangzhou, it's going to be spectacular.   Friday, October 24   House of VANS ...

The Haunted Hotel@ Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

Guangzhou Blogs   It's coming up on that spooktacular time of year again when zombies, frightening clowns, and girls in skimpy costumes start to roam the streets of Guangzhou. This year is going to be off-the-charts at the biggest Halloween party this city has ever seen. It's not too late to ge...

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