• Best Of Today: Thursday, December 18

    Just hold on, this long, cold week is almost over! Jump into terrific Thursday with a couple of things to do to get you out of the house and enjoying the sun when it's out.... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, December 17

    It's a proper humpday filled with the anticipation only Wednesday can bring- the weekend is well on its way! It's a great day to get out and get your partying started so wh... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Tuesday, December 16

    It's that time of year when everyone is realizing that it's actually colder inside than it is outside! We get all bundled up and then leave our homes only to discover that ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Monday, December 15

    With all the holiday celebrations now in motion, you may feel a need to get away from it all and try something new tonight. Welcome to Monday, the most dreaded day of the w... (More...)
  • Guangzhou To Shanghai Travel

    Need to get to Shanghai in a jiffy but can't afford the flight? Bring a good book and relax, because a new high-speed line has just opened up! The once 16 hour train ride ... (More...)
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Campaigning To Make It Right: Education For All

Guangzhou Blogs   Children around the globe are taking on the challenge of making a video campaign to "make it right", by helping less fortunate children without access to education. Read more about the efforts being made and how you can support the cause, written by Rikke Ronnow, a 14-year-old...

GZ Weekender: Get In The Spirit!

Guangzhou Blogs   The holiday festivities and celebrations are already well underway and this weekend is a great time to get yourself into the spirit. If you need inspiration to try the true meaning of Christmas, check out the Go Ask Al column and watch a little Charlie Brown special. If you're...

Being Gay In Guangzhou: It Ain't So Bad!

Guangzhou Blogs   Whether you've been living in Guangzhou for over a decade or you've only been here a few weeks, it doesn't take long to realise that this city is not the gayest place on earth but there is no need to get yourself down about it. Look at the news around the world, you could be l...

Try This: Pure Sue Vegan Cheesecakes

Reviews   Being vegetarian in Guangzhou can be difficult. Not only are the food options limited, but some often have a hard time understanding the motives behind a meat-free diet. China may have caught up with the west in terms of technology and fashion, but there is still a long way to...

Go Ask Al: We Need You, Charlie Brown!

Guangzhou Blogs   After almost  50 years  the animated television musical special from 1965, based on the popular Peanuts cartoon strip, A Charlie Brown Christmas, remains an influential cultural icon for millions of people, young and old,  around the world. In cas...

Photos Up! Piazza Pizza Buffet Grand Opening

Guangzhou Blogs   If there is one thing the people of Guangzhou love, it's great food and an entertaining show. Now you can have both in one fantastic new venue! Friday was the Grand Opening celebration of the new Piazza Pizza Buffet, located on the top (8th) floor of Happy Valley Mall. With t...

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