• Buy King's Day Party Tickets

    The King's Day Party is a week away and we are inviting everyone to join in the fun. Wear your craziest orange outfit, dye your hair orange and go in search of those hot or... (More...)
  • Best of Today: Thursday, April 17

    We always give you the weekend events in our GZ Weekender, but what about events happening today? We're now going to be bringing you the Best Of each day so you can dispell... (More...)
  • World Music Week@ C:union

    It's World Music Week and C:union is bringing you worldwide musicians. Tonight they welcome psychedlic folk accordianist Matthieu Ha, who started his career on the streets ... (More...)
  • Weekly Mixer@ Social & Co

    It's Wednesday once again, the hump day that gets you over the first two days of the week and into the last two days. You should relax and enjoy some specials with City Wee... (More...)
  • Metro Moves: Be A Chicken

    Navigating the Guangzhou Metro, especially during rush hour, can be a pretty tricky predicament. It's a challenge to not have your ribs crushed or even your head slammed in... (More...)
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GZIFL Week 19: Sun Dappled Soccer

Guangzhou Blogs   After weeks of misery– rain, rain and more rain– spring is finally here.  This is the season of fresh beginnings, of redundant life becoming rejuvenated and most of all this is the season of hope. Guangzhou’s iconic landmarks are once more regaining thei...

Travel In China: Luoyang Peony Festival

Guangzhou Blogs   One of the best things about living in China is all of the places there are to visit and learn more about Chinese culture. With so much history in such a vast land, it's sometimes hard to know where to go for the best experiences. City Weekend Shanghai has recently published ...

GZIFL Week 18: A Wet Celebration

Guangzhou Blogs   Rain frequently stops play in cricket – not football.  However the horrendous rain that has been drenching Guangzhou has meant that little football has been played in the Guangzhou International Football League (GZIFL) over the last two weeks. For some teams this ra...

GZ Weekender: Friday Is Just The Beginning

Guangzhou Blogs   Friday is upon us once again and it's only the beginning. There are a whole lot of events this weekend and then Canton Fair starts on Monday. This means that places will start to pack up with foreigners from all over the world. We give you the scoop on all that's happening so ...

WIN: 2 Tickets to King's Day Party

Win Stuff   The King's Day Party isn't just for the Dutch. And we're giving you the opportunity to see why! The Nederlandse Vereniging Guangzhou (NVG to all us non-Dutch) is throwing a big orange party and we're giving away two tickets. Get your orange wig, make-up, and clothes ...

GZ Weekender: Happy Long Weekend!

Guangzhou Blogs   It's a 3-day weekend, thanks to Tomb Sweeping Day and you deserve it! It's been over a month since the Chinese New Year break, but it seems like it's been forever. It's been wet, rainy and the weather has been crazy. Luckily City Weekend has been able to get you out by ke...

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