• Best Of Today: Thursday, October 23

    TGIT! Yes, we're thankful it's Thursday because that means the weekend is creeping around the corner and there's a lot to do. Let's celebrate tonight with a couple of diffe... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, October 22

    It's another day in paradise, otherwise known as the great city of Guangzhou! Time to celebrate humpday Wednesday with some fabulous ladies' nights. Don't worry guys, there... (More...)
  • The Wolf Of Guangzhou@ Revolucion Cocktail

    There's a hot theme party coming to XingSheng Lu on Saturday night and we want to see the men dressed their best and the women in their sexy little black dresses!   ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Tuesday, October 21

    Tuesday is better than Monday in our book so we're happy it's here! This weekend is promising to be chock full of events so we're just warming up. Here are today's best. &... (More...)
  • Element Fresh @ Canton Place

    The wait is over and a second location has been added! Get there now for the soft opening to enjoy some of Guangzhou's best Western food. Canton Place has added a new prem... (More...)
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Stop The Fear Mongering: There Is No Ebola

Guangzhou Blogs   It's spreading like wildfire. You've seen it in your WeChat moments. People are sharing it and readers are freaking out. No, not Ebola. Please. Stay calm. Please do not share this message. It has been confirmed a hoax. According to Guangdong authorities there are around 30...

GZ Weekender: It'll Glow!

Guangzhou Blogs   We made it all the way to Friday and now it's time for some real fun! Canton Fair has begun as well as a taxi strike, so if you've been frustrated trying to get around town, it may be time to get a bicycle. You'll want to get to all the fun things we have going on this weekend...

UPDATE: Dengue Virus

Guangzhou Blogs   Since our last report, the number of cases of dengue has risen to over 30,000 according to the provincial health and family planning commission. We last brought you information regarding the dengue virus on September 25, when there were only 7,497 cases reported in Guang...

Having A Baby In Guangzhou

Guangzhou Blogs   Having a child is one of the biggest milestones of a woman’s life, and even if you plan every last detail, giving birth is a daunting prospect. We're here to help ease the stress and worry.   Many couples living in China choose to go back home to start their famil...

GZ Weekender: We're Back!

Guangzhou Blogs   Welcome back from the long national holiday Guangzhou! We hope everyone had a great time whether they decided to partake in the quiet city street while everyone else took off to other parts of the world or they decided to fly the coop themselves. Thanks to the holiday, we're a...

Eat Meat: The Butcher Shop

Reviews   Getting your carnivore on in China can be somewhat of a risk: is that beef really beef? How long have those chicken breasts been on the shelf and why are they yellow? If anyone has viewed that viral video of the old woman chopping up rats for street BBQ, you may have decided t...

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