• Best Of Today: Wednesday, March 4

    It's Wednesday, the magical day we call humpday because you're jumping into the second half of the week. Dreary as it is, no one wants to sit around waiting for the rain to... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Tuesday, March 3

    Has rainy season started already? It's looking like a dim and wet Tuesday but that's no excuse to go home after work. Get your butt out and enjoy some of these activities. ... (More...)
  • Best of Today: Monday, March 2

    After a quiet weekend, we're rocking into the first Monday of March and it seems like everyone is still trying to get back into the swing of things after the long holiday. ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Thursday, February 26

    Can you believe it's already Thursday? That means the weekend starts tomorrow! It sure is nice to have such a short work week. Why not get it started now?   Looking ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, February 25

    Boo hoo, the holiday is over and we're all back to work again. It's not as bad as it seems! It's already Wednesday so you're looking at the weekend in just a couple more da... (More...)
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GZ Weekender: Regroup

Guangzhou Blogs   After a long holiday break and a much-needed recharge, we've quickly gotten back to the weekend! It's looking like it's going to be a quiet one this time, which gives you plenty of time to regroup after having returned to work. There's the regular delas the next few days, plus...

GZ Weekender: We Love It!

Guangzhou Blogs   Love is in the air, do do do do do do. It's Valentine's Day weekend but more importantly, it's the WEEKEND! There's plenty to do if you're looking to treat your sweetie to a romantic night out on Saturday but there are also some activities happening for you single folks. ...

Try This: Toni & Guy Flagship GaodeHui

Reviews   "Where can I go to get my hair done where they'll understand what I want?" "How can I get my hair colored blond without it turning yellow?" "I haven't had a decent haircut since I came to China". These are questions and statements we hear just about every week from expats. So ...

Go Ask Al: Horny Goat Weed

Guangzhou Blogs   Every month we give our readers an opportunity to ask a professional psychologist for advice about love, sex and relationships. With Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year around the corner, Dr. Al Chambers has decided to give some tips combining the two holidays. Last month&nb...

I Gave Birth In Guangzhou

Guangzhou Blogs   For many expat couples, the idea of getting pregnant and giving birth in Guangzhou seems like a daunting task. First there is the issue of choosing the right hospital and then comes the problems of transportation, diapers, and raising your baby in a polluted environment. But t...

The Big Ass List Of Valentine's Deals

Guangzhou Blogs   Love is in the air all over Guangzhou as the big Vaentine's Day love fest begins and there are plenty of places to go to impress your date. Don't have a smoosh to buy roses and chocolates for? No problem! There's also a few things you single guys and gals can do to have some f...

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