• Anti Ice Bucket Challenge

    Most people around the world now know about the Ice Bucket Challenge that's gone viral, with people dumping buckets of ice over their heads for charity. Guess how Shenzhen ... (More...)
  • Best Of Today:Tuesday, September 2

    It's the second day of the week, the second day of September, and the second day of the fall season. So far, so good. Yesterday was a quiet day in the city but we're rampin... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Monday, September 1

    What a fun-packed weekend it was and now it's not only Monday, but we've also rolled into September! Everyone is returning to Guanghzou or recovering from all the parties s... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Thursday, August 28

    Welcome to Guangzhou, Thursday! We need you to get all revved up for the weekend. There's a couple new things happening tonight and we are bringing them to you. Happy Monk... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, August 27

    It's a hot Wednesday in the house today and we're welcoming the humpday with open arms. Just two more days to go people and we can celebrate the weekend. Until then, here a... (More...)
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GZ Weekender: You Won't Be Bored

Guangzhou Blogs   It is us or did this week end at a slow crawl? Wow, it's the end of August and we're hoping the weather starts to cool down a little so we can actually enjoy all the fabulous outdoor patios that Guangzhou has to offer. This weekend is bound to be anything but boring and here's...

Photos Up! FEI Trix

Guangzhou Blogs   Parties are starting to come back to Guangzhou along with all the expats that left for their hometowns recently. Last Saturday was a laser sharp shakedown of fabulousness and we have the photos to show why you need to party more. As always, FEI in the W Hotel Guangzhou put on...

Man Dies While Cooking Cobra

Guangzhou Blogs   Have you ever wondered if what you're slicing up and cooking could reach over, bite you, and kill you? This is what happened to a man preparing a dish of cobra snake in a restaurant in Foshan. Twenty minutes after severing the head from its body, Chef Peng Fan of Foshan was b...

China Travel Blog by Gaetan Green

Guangzhou Blogs   We've discovered a travel blog about all places China, including some "off-the-beaten-path" information that's so cool we just had to share it with you! Everyone who wants information about traveling all over China should definitely make it a point to check out travelcathay.c...

GZ Weekender: Time To Chillax!

Guangzhou Blogs   Rain, rain, go away and never come back! It's been quite a wet week and we're done with it! People are starting to come back to Guangzhou after much-needed breaks in their hometowns and we can't let them down. So here's a list of chill things to do with your homies when they g...

Guangzhou Summer Art Exhibits

Guangzhou Blogs   A city steeped in business, trading and commerce, Guangzhou, at a glance, seems a bit lacking in creativity. But spread across the city like an endangered species, amid the skyscrapers and shopping malls, are art galleries.   They don’t shout at you from billboar...

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  • Bar Hopping: the29

    If you've ever tried to find a place in Guangzhou that serves high quality, p...