• Best Of Today: Tuesday, September 30

    Happy Tuesday everyone, it's time for the holiday week! Let's just get through today and then it's time for the craziness to start (if you're traveling). Here's what we hav... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Monday, September 28

    It's ok if Monday is here because we're only two days away from a week-long holiday. There's plenty of fun to be had today so get out there! If you're tired of breathing i... (More...)
  • Osteria Il Matto Closed Today

    Don't worry, it's just for today. Osteria Il Matto in Zhujiang New Town will be closed today to host a private wedding ceremony in their restaurant. They will re-open on F... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Thursday, September 25

    Over the hump we go and it's a very happy Thursday. It's sunny and mild out (for now) and the weekend is right around the corner. Here are a couple of things to get you amp... (More...)
  • Best Of Today: Wednesday, September 24

    There's never anything wrong with hump day. Wednesday brings the anticipation and promise of the weekend, which is coming slowly but surely. Tonight brings us some really h... (More...)
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Busted! Counterfeit Bag Ring

Guangzhou Blogs   You can't come to Guangzhou and not see females from every walk of life carrying counterfeit luxury bags, especially Louis Vuitton. Those authentic-looking replica LV bags may be a lot harder to get now.   If you're looking for fake designer bags in Guangzhou, you don't...

GZ Weekender: Take A Break!

Guangzhou Blogs   Everybody is waiting in anticipation of the week-long national holiday, including us! Everybody needs a good, long break from the weekly grind and it starts this weekend. Here is everything you need to know about getting out and about.   Friday, September 26   Bl...

Selling Something? Post It!

Guangzhou Blogs   Do you have an apartment to get rid of? Moving out of China and can't take your pet with you? Have a bike, car or electronics you want to sell? Post them here! City Weekend's Classifieds is the place to post any items you need to find a new home for. We want to help you find ...

GZ Weekender: Hit The Beach!

Guangzhou Blogs   We made it through the typhoon-like weather and now it's time for a beachy weekend! It's going to be packed full of craziness the next few days between the Scottish referendum and a much-needed sandy party. Read on to see everything happening.   Friday, September 19 &n...

[CLOSED] WIN: 500RMB to Osteria Il Matto

Win Stuff   Now is your opportunity to try some absolutely delicious dishes at the hottest Italian restaurant in town. We have a great new contest for you, so get ready!   Osteria Il Matto, located in Zhujiang New Town, is the place to go if you want ultra fresh Italian food. The...

Squat Toilet Nightmare

Guangzhou Blogs   Navigating a squat toilet is no easy feat, as I found out when I first arrived in China. It can be gross, disgusting, unsanitary and downright stinky. So let's talk about some of the benefits and also, the hazards. After our poll about what in China makes you cry, we learned ...

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    Everyone loves to be pampered when they're dealing with heat, humidity, pollu...