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Han Lounge: It'll Get You Hyper

Han Lounge is truly your let's get down and dirty, body poppin’, booty shakin’ place to be! So for all you night warriors, hooting owls, beautiful ladies, and not forgetting about all you hunky men, I present to you your after-hours party starting from 00.00- 8.00am.


Han Lounge

One Party Group, the heart and soul behind Han Lounge located in Hyper Club, have put together an intensely fun yet simple way of standing out from the crowd. By making each weekend a uniquely themed event, they have created an environment for total fun and complete randomness. So far they have presented us with a Sailor Party, a Pajama Party, an 80’s Party, White Party, Masquerade Party,  and Jungle Party, with a lot more exciting themes to follow. You may think, "I don’t want to spend money on fancy dresses" or think, ‘I’ll look stupid or too fat in a leotard". Well, there’s no need to get suited and booted or worry about how you may look in a costume. Han makes the effort every week to buy themed clothes and accessories for anyone who wants to let loose and get fully involved.


Hot girls and cool guys

With guys getting a face full of eye candy at the entrance, I have started to think, “where are the men in all their glory for the girlies?”. However, when you have hot girls parading around, the hot guys follow. Han Lounge is a cool intimate space and perfect for the type of parties they host.

It has elegant leather sofas that give you more privacy and comfort to have a good old chin wag with your friends or indulge in a flirtatious chat, as well as your normal high tops and extra large high top tables. The interior designer has definitely made Han Lounge a very comfortable, spacious place to party. No knocking elbows with strangers, just the odd bum wiggle to the beat. Even the toilets are big enough to have your own small private party in!


There is no lounging in this lounge!

Hip Hop spun by their resident DJ Eric and MC, Sir Charles, all the way from L.A. with lyrics rolling off the end of his tongue keeping the party going until sunrise. The lighting really caught my attention. It was dark enough for you to look hot in with no over the top spotlights and mystical UV lights.


Sexy lighting to flatter everyone

Han Lounge attracts really attractive, fun-loving party people. From the professional dancers, to the boy next door, to the dad dancers, to your average Joes.  The dancers do their thing well and truly are the heart and soul of the party. They create the atmosphere with confidence that shines so bright it may blind you. They also encourage you to get involved whether you’re the next Hollywood touring dancer or not, its all love and laughter. 


"Of course I'm having a good time!"

The best time to rock up to Han Lounge is between 2.30-3.30am, which gives you plenty of time to go to one or two bars or clubs before arriving.  So if you want to surround yourself with lots of smiles and people that sure as hell can dance, get down to Han Lounge. 



241 Yanjiang Zhong Road, Yuexiu District








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