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Xuan Mu Bar

Haizhu Less than ¥99 for two
Xuan Mu Bar is a price acceptable bar located in living area.

Best Bars in Guangzhou


Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
The most fun and exciting bar on Xingsheng Lu, with bartenders doing bottle acrobatics and lighting the bar on fire from time to time.


Yuexiu Less than ¥99 for two
Wilber's Restaurant has renamed their awesome bar the29!
Check It Out Femme Fatale Friday

The Strand Beer Cafe

Yuexiu Less than ¥99 for two
A hidden little gem of a bar with handcrafted beer. The Strand is run by a wonderful couple who make their patrons feel at home.

Rebel Rebel Cafe & Bar

Tiyu Sports Center Less than ¥99 for two
Rebel Rebel is a kind of English style bar & café located in the center of Guangzhou.

8, Faubourg Bar and Terrace

Tianhe ¥200-299 for two
Decorated as a luxury Parisian apartment, the 8, Faubourg Bar and Terrace is the classiest cocktail bar in town.

McCawley's Pub

Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
This joint venture between McCawley’s and Delaney’s is the biggest Western Bar in Guangzhou.

Tian Bar

Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
A luxury bar locates in the 99th floor of Four Seasons Hotel with fantasy view around you.

Restarea Beer Hub

Haizhu Less than ¥99 for two
A true neighborhood pub in Datang, Haizhu District that serves top-rated beers.
Check It Out Happy Hour @Restarea


Tianhe ¥100-199 for two
Has a reggae theme, the only one in Guangzhou with a ton of live acts. It's a great live music venue with a casual atmosphere.

Standing Goose Brewing

Haizhu Less than ¥99 for two
A sweet new bar with factory-style decor serving craft beer..

Covent Garden Pub and Restaurant

Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
You have already known this is an English style pub and restaurant by its name Covent Garden.

Happy Monk

Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
Hip and happening bar located near the W Hotel in Liede. Serving great cocktails, excellent food and hot music videos on multiple screens. A fantastic place to ha...

Hooley's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Zhujiang New Town ¥100-199 for two
Australian chef serves up great food. Regular live music with great weekend parties. Real Western pub environment.
Check It Out Open Mic @ Hooley's

The Paddy Field > Taojin

Taojin Less than ¥99 for two
It is a good place to spend happy hours with friends and watch European football games, golf and car racing programs.

The Tavern Sports Bar > Zhujiang New Town

Zhujiang New Town Less than ¥99 for two
The Tavern Sports Bar is an authentic British Dining bar and its decoration is authentic British style.

The River : Oyster Bar & Grill

Zhujiang Party Pier ¥300-399 for two
Here is the oyster paradise!

The Paddy Field > Tianhe

Tianhe ¥100-199 for two
Tianhe branch of the infamous Paddy Field Irish Bar. Long been a favourite of Guangzhou expats, this new home in Tianhe should be very popular.

Bangkok Bar

Zhujiang New Town Less than ¥99 for two
Bangkok Bar is not only a Thai decorating bar in Zhujiang New Town, but also you can try some local Thai food in this bar restaurant.
Features music Live 

The Brew > Jianshe Liu

Taojin ¥100-199 for two
The Brew has the great burgers and North American pub atmosphere that you love PLUS table taps!

Perry's Cafe > Tianhe

Tianhe Bei ¥100-199 for two
Perry's is the ultimate student bar.
Features Cocktails