• Bubonic Plague in China

    Anyone wake up to anxious messages from family and friends back home wondering if you're at risk of catching bubonic plague? The Western media loves jumping on any backward... (More...)
  • Shanghai-Style McDonald's

    Fast food chains like KFC, Starbucks and McDonald's have long been popular in mainland China, and nowadays they're nearly as ubiquitous as they are in the West (at least in... (More...)
  • Poll Results: 25% Of You Are Lonely

    Just kidding, sort of. While most of you live with roommates (as you can clearly see if you've visited our housing classifieds any time recently), a quarter of you live by ... (More...)
  • Transformers Take On China

    The umpteenth iteration of the tired Michael Bay Transformers franchise has been released to massive excitement in China. Journalists have enjoyed commenting on the fi... (More...)
  • Drink for a Cause with City Weekend

    Summer nights are for outdoor drinking. To celebrate the season AND contribute to a great cause, we're teaming up with the Shanghai World Financial Center to host the ... (More...)
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Understand China With CEIBS

Shanghai Blogs   "Rather than tell them how good we are, show them how good we are," Roy Chason told me about the CEIBS MBA Boot Camp, which ran from July 9th to 13, 2014. He told me the aim of the week was to introduce students to the MBA and to "show them China and Shanghai."    ...

Beauty Pick: Feya's Nails

Shanghai Blogs   Feya’s Nails on Julu Lu is no newcomer to the beauty scene. The salon owners have run several establishments over their long careers in Shanghai. And even Feya’s nail artists have 12 years industry expertise. What is new about Feya’s, though, is the interior...

Yunnan Food in Shanghai: Kuyi

Shanghai Blogs   Lodged at the corner of Xinzha and Changde, Jing'an's newest Yunnan restaurant, Kuyi, is a gorgeous space that showcases the flavors and colors of Yunnan and the mountainous regions of southwest China. The entrance welcomes visitors with multicolored flowers floating atop a p...

Photo Gallery: Be Red @ M1NT

Shanghai Blogs   Did you miss the Be Red party at M1NT? Check out the photo highlights from the party below...

Shanghai's Top 3 Macarons

Shanghai Blogs   Xujiahui | Ladurée Now that Shanghai’s finally got its own outpost of Ladurée, local “gossip girls” and their beaux can indulge in Blair Waldorf’s favorite sweet treat. The macarons have a smooth exterior, flat exterior, ruffled edges and...

Art Review: Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5+5

Shanghai Blogs   To celebrate K11 Art Mall’s first anniversary, a new show unites 10 French and Chinese artists in a visionary exhibition that explores hybridization, virtual worlds and the digital art form. Utilizing video, photography, 3-D technology and sculpture, the artists have cre...

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