• Poll Results: 88% Of You Are Lazy

    The results are in from this week's question: Only 12% of you don't have an ayi at all, and a whopping 28% have a live-in ayi. Well done, Shanghai. Stay lazy, and keep e... (More...)
  • Thundercat Is Not Coming to Arkham

    We were so excited to hear that LA bass guitarist Thundercat was set to perform at Arkham next Friday, August 8th that we featured him as our Party of the Week in the curre... (More...)
  • Bubonic Plague in China

    Anyone wake up to anxious messages from family and friends back home wondering if you're at risk of catching bubonic plague? The Western media loves jumping on any backward... (More...)
  • Shanghai-Style McDonald's

    Fast food chains like KFC, Starbucks and McDonald's have long been popular in mainland China, and nowadays they're nearly as ubiquitous as they are in the West (at least in... (More...)
  • Poll Results: 25% Of You Are Lonely

    Just kidding, sort of. While most of you live with roommates (as you can clearly see if you've visited our housing classifieds any time recently), a quarter of you live by ... (More...)
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10 Changes China Needs to Make NOW

Shanghai Blogs   We remember reading, even as far back as 2004, the sentence “Shanghai is an international city, like London or New York.” This ridiculously false notion was peddled by one of the typically servile and deferential local “reporters” of an English-language...

Six Things to Salivate Over This Weekend

Shanghai Blogs   Ready for another big weekend in the big city? Read on for our round up of the weekend's top six events.  Bakery Workshop: Crème Brûlée | Shanghai Young Bakers From 10AM to 3PM on Saturday, come by the SYB's workshop in Putuo and learn how to make ...

Shanghai Weekend Nightlife

Shanghai Blogs   Every week, our Shanghai Weekend Nightlife post distills City Weekend's comprehensive database of nightlife events down to the parties, concerts and live shows that you simply cannot miss. Thursday UK garage duo Push & Pull will spin grime, deep tech and their signature ...

WIN Two VIP Tickets to the Neighbourhood

Win Stuff   American indie rockers the Neighbourhood have been gathering popularity in the US since 2011, when they released their brooding debut single "Female Robbery." They paired it with a black and white noir-ish music video and released no biographical information or photos of thems...

Italian Food in Shanghai: Gaia:2

Reviews   With Isola, Va Bene and Greyhound Café on the roster, Gaia:2 at the iapm is the newest installment by the Gaia Group of restaurants. We passed by the original Gaia in Hong Kong on a regular basis and it’s always packed with well-dressed business executives on lun...

Bar Hopping: Logan's Punch

Reviews   Former M1NT and Muse bar manager Logan Brouse's first solo venture Logan's Punch pairs the friendly rowdiness of a dive bar with a stylish, nearly avant-garde aesthetic. The main room’s design plays with shapes and lines of swooping gold, with the lighthearted ...

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