• We Know You Like Wine

    ...so here's your chance to indulge!   Group Pudao Wines, in cooperation with Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits, is hosting an "Epic Wine Lunch" on Sunday, Novembe... (More...)
  • Adopt a Pet!

    Craving the companionship of a furry friend? You're in luck, because this Saturday from 1PM to 5PM, Best Friends China is holding an adoption day at 390 Bar. You're invite... (More...)
  • Opening Tonight: Little Shop of Horrors

    Having just wrapped up their stage production of Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby last week, Urban Aphrodite is back once again with Little Shop of Horrors, which kick... (More...)
  • Name Boxing Cat's New Beer!

    Boxing Cat puts out some great beers with arguably even better names. (Perhaps you recall their Hoppy Ending White IPA?)   Are full of puns or crude jokes? Do you ex... (More...)
  • Opening Dec. 13: The Nest

    Shanghai's restaurant and bar opening spree is still going strong as the end of 2014 is approaching. The Nest, a new gastrolounge concept by MUSE and premium vodka bra... (More...)
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Thursday @ Shelter: Mumdance

Shanghai Blogs   This week, Shanghai's resident grime and garage duo Push and Pull host London-based producer Mumdance, who will do a live set on a 909 drum machine at the Shelter. His experimental take on grime launches the genre to a new level of innovation and groove, and he's worked with e...

Shanghai Sports: Underwater Hockey

Shanghai Blogs   Tried underwater hockey? Heard of underwater hockey? Neither had we.    The Sport   Though it may seem newfangled, underwater hockey dates back to 1954, when a British diver named Alan Blake invented a game called “Octopush” to keep his divi...

Local Eats: Drunken Hairy Crab

Shanghai Blogs   Nothing takes the edge off a work day like getting soused, right? In Shanghai the food has often beaten you to the “punch bowl.” Shanghai boasts an impressive roster of intoxicated edibles from drunken snails to live drunken shrimp, but our favorite is drunken hair...

Spanish Food in Shanghai: Albaluz

Reviews   Nestled in one of Shanghai’s most recently modernized lane complexes, Albaluz is a cute-yet-diluted Spanish restaurant. The last and smallest in a row of new venues gracing Hengshan Fang, its window arches and open kitchen lend a warm, inviting European feel.   ...

How to Make Christmas Mulled Wine

Shanghai Blogs   It may be getting colder, but we have the solution for staying warm. Take a trip to your favorite grocery store for the ingredients for mulled wine. It’s a delicious way to drink a body-warming, fragrant glass of wine.   What You'll Need Cave Hugo Royal Merlot (R...

Eat This: Crispy Frog Legs

Shanghai Blogs   Former New York Times food critic Frank Bruni once wrote, “What you have with a restaurant that you visit once or twice is a transaction. What you have with a restaurant that you visit over and over is a relationship.”   Much like fashion trends, restaurant...

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  • New Bar: BeerGrdn

    We anticipated that a bar by URBN Hotel, which has a net zero carbon footprin...