• Summer on Smash Beach Party Cancelled

    We regret to inform you that the SHFT.'s Summer On Smash party at Bund Beach has been cancelled due to the weather. No Slip 'n Slides or Busy Gang for you. SHFT. has said ... (More...)
  • Taylor Swift Adds Third Shanghai Show

    Almost immediately after Taylor Swift announced that her 1989 World Tour by Toyota would be making a two-night stop in Shanghai, tickets sold out for both shows. But c... (More...)
  • Watch Episode 2 of Floating City

    The second episode of Floating City, Shanghai's locally-produced expat web comedy,  is now online. Prepare yourself for Taobao entrepreneurs, doomed long-distance... (More...)
  • Split Works Debuts Echo Park Music Festival

    A few weeks ago, leading local music promoters Split Works posted a cryptic video on the Facebook page of Black Rabbit, their hugely successful music festival that brought ... (More...)
  • Fly to Cuba Via el Coctel

    It's so abysmally humid in Shanghai this week that we're basically in the tropics anyway, so why not let el Coctel fly you to Cuba for an evening?  The beloved Yongfu... (More...)
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China Travel: Shanxi

Shanghai Blogs   When you hear “Shanxi,” you might think of the Terracotta Warriors, or Xi’an. If you do, you, like many people who are unfamiliar with their Shanxis, would be thinking of the other Shanxi, or rather Shaanxi, the neighboring province with a deceptively similar...

The Beat: Nightclub Refuge

Shanghai Blogs   If you’ve been following news in the music world, one item probably stood out from the rest. On June 3, house producer Ten Walls took advantage of the platform offered by his Facebook page to destroy his own career by posting up a homophobic rant. Once highlighted in the...

[WATCH] Crayfish Season: 5 Best Places for小龙虾

Shanghai Blogs   Fall is all about hairy crab, but summer is definitely the season of the crayfish.   From mid-May to mid-September, you’ll see Shanghai diners bellying up to plastic tables on the streets and sidewalks in Puxi and Pudong, digging into pile after pile of crayfish (...

[WATCH] How to Use Taobao: Part I, Part II & Part III

Shanghai Blogs   Ever wanted to order something off Taobao, but didn't know how? Tired of asking your Chinese friends or veteran expats for help?   As one of the biggest online retailers in the world, Taobao can make living in China easier and more enjoyable. If you want it, it's on Tao...

The Dish: Raising the Bar

Shanghai Blogs   I’ve been told a million times that I should never be eating bar snacks; that countless hands have touched them in the past, and how they’re a cesspool of bacterial activity. When confronted with such cautionary tales, I usually make it a point to make good direct ...

Best 3 Caesar Salads in Shanghai

Shanghai Blogs    The classic Caesar salad -- it may not be the healthiest of salad options, but it's certainly everyone's favorite. Check out our picks for the top Caesar salads in town...     The MEAT   The MEAT’s Caesar salad (RMB98, pictured above) is presented ...

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