• Shanghai 72 Hour Challenge

    We've all had friends and family come through Shanghai, asking us for our tips on what to do in this city. Heck, some of us are tourists ourselves. It's not always an easy ... (More...)
  • A Cheesy Spot

    Just as he's putting final touches on the new gastro-pub Union Trading Company with Yao Lu, chef Austin Hu is simultaneously working on another new project: a mozzarella ba... (More...)
  • Jackie Chan Film Gallery Opens

    Hasn't it been far too long since you spent a lazy Sunday ordering Mealbay Taco Mama's and watching all of the Rush Hour films? Or maybe you're one for spending the we... (More...)
  • Microbrew Deal from Cheers In

    Need another way to spend your money in Shanghai? The dangerously tempting Cheers In website offers home delivery on tons of your favorite imported beers for very reasonabl... (More...)
  • Yongkang Lu Alternatives?

    With warmer weather on its way, that can mean only one thing for us Shanghai expats: day drinking. But what to do when the ever-popular Yongkang Lu is filled to the brim wi... (More...)
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ERA: Intersection of Time Acrobatics @ Shanghai Circu...

Shanghai Blogs   Going to watch ERA's Intersection of Time, the acrobat’s show at Shanghai Circus World, is definitely something to tick off the Shanghai bucket list. The event showcases jaw-dropping acrobatic talent that leaves viewers awestruck and scratching their heads, questioning t...

Comment of the Week Winner

Win Stuff   Every week, City Weekend will give away a prize for our favorite comment made that week. This week's prize comes to you compliments of the 2nd Blind Wine Tasting + Bubba's BBQ event @ the Anken Green rooftop next weekend. The winner of this week's comment of the week...

Peruvian Food in Shanghai: Chala

Reviews   The folks behind Coffee Tree and Bistro Burger have brought us Chala, which serves tapas and cocktails right next to the latter on Fumin Lu. We started off with two pisco drinks: the standard pisco sour (RMB48) and the chilcano de pisco (RMB48), the latter made with pisco, li...

China Travel: Luoyang Peony Festival

Shanghai Blogs   If you’re into Chinese culture, one of the coolest things you can do in April is check out the annual peony festival in Luoyang. Hardly anyone thinks about Henan beyond the fighting monks of the Shaolin Temple -- it’s gotten a bad rap globally. But every year in L...

WIN RMB1,000 in Designer Clothes from Akenz.com

Win Stuff   Akenz.com is a new e-commerce platform bringing both world-famous and up-and-coming European fashion brands to China. The company's focus on quality, functionality and simplicity is based in its Scandinavian roots. The website's selection currently includes brands such as Junk...

Photo Gallery: Friday Flavas Show-Off at The Geisha

Shanghai Blogs   This past Friday at The Geisha was their Show-Off party. Check out our gallery of party-goers doing just that.

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  • Bar Hopping: Salud

    Salud has been a nightlife staple in Beijing for the past eight years, and th...