• Last Day to Catch Vik Muniz

    Wondering how to spend a free Saturday? Don't miss the opportunity to catch one of the most powerful exhibitions to come through Shanghai's Long Museum: Vik Muniz's Pi... (More...)
  • How Do You Give Back on Thanksgiving?

    Ask many Americans what their favorite holiday is, and their liable to choose Thanksgiving over Christmas. Of course, Christmas can be wonderful, too -- especially if you h... (More...)
  • TONIGHT: Zombie Shamble

    Wanna try something a little different to celebrate Halloween this year?  Join the 2014 Zombie Shamble. Bust out your best undead costume and prepare for a night of n... (More...)
  • China Encouraged to Consider Long Term

    It's not often that a piece of news on international finance and macroeconomics can elicit a chuckle, but this one has awarded us at least a smug smile. You've probably al... (More...)
  • You Can't Believe Everything You Read on the Internet

    This might shock you to hear, so find somewhere to sit down before you proceed to the next sentence. Sometimes, people lie in order to make money. Our apologies if we've ... (More...)
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Caption This Moment and Win Loot

Win Stuff   It's time for Caption the Moment. Leave your wittiest caption for this photo in the comment section below, and you might win a RMB500 voucher from Sherpa's. The winner will be announced in the mag's Shanghai Seen section. Caption it by noon on Monday, November ...

Photo Gallery: Lola 4th Anniversary Party

Shanghai Blogs   Did you catch any of Lola's 4th Anniversary celebrations? Guest artists Pete Herbet and Dicky Trisco were joined by DJs Teasy and Alecs Marta to bring another night of quality tunes to one of Shanghai's favorite nightlife venues. Catch all the photo highlights below. (Pho...

LGBeaT: What It Means to Be a Straight Ally

Shanghai Blogs   Guest columnist Meredith Yarbrough, a 2014 ShanghaiPRIDE organizer, explains what it means to be a straight ally to the LGBTQ community in Shanghai.   My second year in China, I met a couple: Chinese men, lovers, soul mates. I’ll call them Tony and George. Tony an...

Shanghai's Best Halloween Costume Shops

Shanghai Blogs   It’s almost Halloween in the ‘Hai, and as any expat knows, finding appropriate accessories can feel like a holiday scavenger hunt. So to prevent having to carve a durian or improvise a costume with a respirator mask and split-back pants, we’ve wrangled severa...

Interview: Skinny Brown of Popasuda

Shanghai Blogs   Sal Haque, also known as Skinny Brown, began DJing in Shanghai seven years ago, when he wandered into the city during a ten hour layover and never got back on the plane.   Check out Sal's Soundcloud here [VPN]. For the past three years, Skinny has thrown a one-of-a...

Cricket: The Gentleman's Game in Shanghai

Shanghai Blogs   When the PLA took over the city in 1948, political unrest lead to the expats packing their bags. Along with that vanished the well established Shangai Cricket Club (SCC), which traces its founding back to 1858. (The headline photograph pictures the team as of 1939.)   &...

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  • New Bar: Lollipop

    The newest addition to the Gayborhood is a candy-themed lounge called Lollipo...