• Foreigner Faints on Metro

    In a bizarre incident, a white man seated on the Line 2 Shanghai metro passed out, slumping on to the shoulder of the passenger next to him. In response, fellow carriage pa... (More...)
  • Mitch Hedberg in Chinese

    A lot of foreigners complain that the Chinese don't get our Western sense of humor, or that certain comedic concepts just don't translate well. Excuses like that only serve... (More...)
  • Jackie Chan's Son Busted for Marijuana

    We all know drugs in China are illegal. We also all know "rule of law" isn't exactly China's strong suit. China's much better at applying rules arbitrarily (or sometimes, n... (More...)
  • Bad Web Day?

    It's old news that the Great Firewall of China now numbers Google among its foes, but did anyone else notice today's internet to be particularly troublesome? Even with a VP... (More...)
  • World's First LED Basketball Court

    This is seriously cool. During Kobe Bryant's recent visit to Shanghai, Nike unveiled the new "House of Mamba" LED basketball court. (For the uninitiated, "Mamba" refers to... (More...)
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20 Bars for Drinks With Friends

Shanghai Blogs   Lots of people who come to visit Shanghai like to visit the Bund for a glizty, glamorous night of over-priced cocktails and club-hopping. Those of us that live here, on the other hand, often crave places to escape the nightlife noise and just enjoy a few simple drinks with goo...

Caption This Moment and Win Loot

Win Stuff   It's time for Caption the Moment. Leave your wittiest caption for this photo in the comment section below, and you might win a RMB500 voucher from Sherpa's. The winner will be announced in the mag's Shanghai Seen section. Caption it by noon on Monday, August 25...

Cleanse With Farmhouse Juice

Shanghai Blogs   You read a lot about fad diets and get-skinny-quick solutions. We’re no doctors, and we can’t debunk any myths or verify any science. We can tell you, however, about our experience trying a juice cleanse from Farmhouse Juice. Each day, you drink six bottles of fre...

Sichuan Food in Shanghai: Spicy Plus

Shanghai Blogs   Just down the street from Jing’an Temple, Spicy Plus is a new Sichuan restaurant offering the promise of the spicy food you love plus so much more. If more means an innovative use of herbs and spices and great service, they are aptly named. The tiny space is adorable ye...

Art Review: Cai Guo Qiang's The Ninth Wave

Shanghai Blogs   Contemporary Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang continues to thrill audiences with a new solo exhibition at the Power Station of Art (PSA). Titled “The Ninth Wave,” this series of 11 large-scale works addresses the environmental and ecological crisis that we face today. ...

Shanghai's Top 3 Tuna Tartares

Shanghai Blogs   The Bund | Table No. 1 Table No. 1 undergoes periodic menu updates, but the ahi tuna tartare (RMB110) has been a mainstay since day one. A vibrant, cerise stack of chopped, raw tuna is crusted with toasted sesame seeds and crowned with fresh dill and microgreens. It's paired ...

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  • New Bar: Starling

    Though a bar based on the theme of colonialism initially raised our eyebrows,...