• Readers' Choice Awards: Restaurants Update

    With only a few more days to vote in this year's City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards, here's the final update for restaurant categories:    In Best ... (More...)
  • Delicious Deals @ ROCKBUND

    Wish you had the money to afford Shanghai's fine dining? Yeah, us, too. And here's your (our) chance! From April 26 to May 4, some of Shanghai's best restaurants on the his... (More...)
  • Willy Wonka on Stage [UPDATE]

    Did you know next week is a holiday? If you haven't started planning your days off, start here: On May 1 & 2, head on down to the Shanghai Theatre Academy (right on Hua... (More...)
  • College Video Features Shanghai

    How cool is Shanghai? Cool enough to be featured as the backdrop in the new video Les automates by French electronic producer, College, who if you don't know by name (... (More...)
  • Readers' Choice Awards: Restaurants Update

    After three weeks of voting for this year's City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards, results for certain restaurant categories are still up for grabs:  In Best Jap... (More...)
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Comment of the Week Winner

Win Stuff   Every week, City Weekend will give away a prize for our favorite comment made that week. This week's prize comes to you compliments of the 2nd Blind Wine Tasting + Bubba's BBQ event @ the Anken Green rooftop. The winner of this week's comment of the week ge...

The Beat: The Best Beijing Bands

Shanghai Blogs   Every so often I feel this column needs an infusion of non-Shanghai indie rock, because there are actually other places in China that produce music. (I know! Who would’ve thought?) I could never tell if there’s a distinct difference between the “Beijing sound...

French Cuisine in Shanghai: Paris Tour

Reviews   Paris Tour is a restaurant that suffers from trying to do too much at once. If the result was fantastic, we’d be lauding their blend of French, Vietnamese and African cuisine. However, it flows more like a patchy mash-up mixed tape. The link between the cuisines on offe...

In the Kitchen with Daniel Wong of Jin Xuan

Shanghai Blogs   Chef Daniel Wong at Jin Xuan speaks about his favorite food destinations City Weekend: You've been cooking Cantonese food in Shanghai for a few years. Do you adapt your style of cooking to the local diners? Wong: Back in Hong Kong, where I started cooking at the age of ...

Photo Gallery: ShanghaiPRIDE Fundraiser Masquerade

Shanghai Blogs   On April 12, LGBT mainstay 390 on Panyu Lu held a Masquerade Ball. All proceeds will go to benefit ShanghaiPRIDE 2014. Don't miss the next one on Wednesday the 23rd, also at 390. Check out all the photos from the ball:  -- Got photos from your ...

Coded: Best-Selling Crime Thriller Disappoints

Reviews   We really wanted to like this book. Really, we did. On paper, Decoded has got it all -- a best-selling Chinese crime thriller author that in a previous life spent years in China’s secret service, high sales on the Chinese market, and a plot that ostensibly involves the...

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  • Bar Hopping: M18

    M18 is the latest venture by the Muse people (with a bar manager pulled from ...