• Tuesday: Brewmaster's Dinner

    You know what your Tuesdays are missing? Free flow beer. Luckily Boxing Cat is here to help.   On Tuesday, January 27, Boxing Cat (Sinan Mansions) is hosting a speci... (More...)
  • Sunday Feb 1: Adopt a Puppy

    You might recall the recent incident involving the discovery of an illicit puppy mill here in Shanghai and the hundreds of dogs that have since been rescued by the efforts ... (More...)
  • This Weekend: Private Sale theINSIDER

    This weekend, Central Studios in Xintiandi is hosting a massive private sale by ParkLU. theINSIDER will carry over 30 international brands at up to 70% off. They'll have na... (More...)
  • First Wave of 2015 JUE Fest Acts Announced

    JUE (which means "to sense or awaken") Music + Art Festival is hotly anticipated every year in Shanghai and Beijing for bringing in a fresh line-up of international mu... (More...)
  • Poll Results: Where Would You Move Next?

    We were pleasantly surprised by this week's poll results. Turns out you all really do love China:   The overwhelming sentiment among our poll participants was: Sha... (More...)
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Family Mart Fare: Tea Eggs

Shanghai Blogs   With Lay's chips flavored like hot and sour fish soup and a billion brands you've never heard of, the Shanghai convenience store can be a daunting place for new expats. So to help familiarize you with the offerings, we'll be trying a different item every two weeks. It's worth ...

Shanghai Weekend Party-Hopper

Shanghai Blogs   This weekend brings a Black-Eyed Pea, a male porn star performing in combat boots and a poet's booze-soaked birthday party. Party hop with us.      FRIDAY NIGHTLIFE   Lune hosts the Manchu record crew -- founder Chewie with DJs Andres and Below Surface. E...

Brunch @ NineThirty

Shanghai Blogs   This restaurant by Awfully Chocolate starts your day on a sweet note:     Croque Madame The combination of Parmesan, cheddar, ham and fried egg was overwhelmingly heavy. We recommend sharing it with a friend if you plan on ordering dessert. (RMB75)   &...

LGBeaT: Enter the ShPRIDE Film Festival!

Shanghai Blogs   Cue Beyoncé anthem as two blushing brides ride off into the rainbow sunset atop a purple unicorn, pulling a magical UHAUL and trailing glitter. Cut, print, that’s a wrap!   Ok, so maybe we should abandon our hopes of making the next lesbian cinematic hit &a...

Top 5 Shows This Weekend

Shanghai Blogs   Purple-colored disco and the best of Shanghai in both techno and jazz. Read on for our top 5 shows this weekend.     FRIDAY NIGHTLIFE     The first Footprint party of 2015 keeps thing local with a rich line-up of homegrown talent. Lauded techno pro...

Friday: LA's Low Leaf @ YYT [CANCELED]

Shanghai Blogs   Los Angeles-based Filipino artist Low Leaf makes dreamy electro-pop and folk tracks shot through with grace and originality thanks her prominent use of an electronic harp. She writes and composes all her music herself, weaving in themes of New Age spirituality and cosmic hocus...

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  • New Bar: LaTaps

    Danshui Lu may be evolving beyond being a general bar strip and becoming a be...