• 3D Nail Art

    Designer Irmantas Bortnikas has unveiled something new in Shanghai: 3D nail art. Now, you can take your manicures to the next level...literally. After working for years in... (More...)
  • Re-Vamped: CW Parents & Kids

    By popular demand, City Weekend Parents & Kids is coming to you monthly in 2015, after being bi-monthly for the last 3 years.   More than that, we've re-vamped, ... (More...)
  • Poll Results: F**k Facebook

    This week's poll results truly delighted us to no end.     Shanghai's got plenty of problems, this we know. But given the option of a few alternate realities... (More...)
  • March: Lenny Kravitz and Rescheduled Pharcyde Show

    After you reign in the Year of the Sheep, prepare yourself for two big international bookings of the '90s variety, both packed into the very same weekend.     ... (More...)
  • Watch This Web Series About Shanghai Expat Living

    A group of Shanghai expats led by screenwriter/director/lead actress Leah Churchill have just debuted a web series called Floating City. Shot and produced in Shanghai and s... (More...)
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Top 3 Lasagna in Shanghai

Shanghai Blogs   Eating lasagna in Shanghai can feel like the end of the movie Goodfellas: "You order lasagna with bolognese, you get egg noodles and ketchup." Fortunately, we've corralled three renditions that are redefining Shanghai's stacked noodle scene. Here they are.    DOC G...

Let's Talk About Sex: Tiger Mother

Shanghai Blogs   Every week our sexperts take questions from our readers -- read on for this week's dilemma.   I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend, and so far, we’re having tons of fun playing house. The problem is that -- perhaps because he’s Shanghainese and I&...

Where to Watch the Superbowl in Shanghai

Shanghai Blogs   Undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest sporting events, the Super Bowl draws over 100 million TV viewers in America alone. Last year 1.82 million fans across China tuned in online and 14.4 million viewers caught the game on TV. This year the Seattle Seahawks battle it ou...

4 Epic Architectural Marvels Cloned in China

Shanghai Blogs   Thinking about traveling around the world? No need when China's got everything right here!   THE SPHINX   Where: Hebei   Residents in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, were taken by surprise last May when a life-sized replica of Egypt’s Great Sphinx seemingly materi...

Asian Fusion Food: Lunch & After

Reviews   Lunch & After is a café and restaurant on Beijing Xi Lu, offering a blend of domestic and Southeast Asian cuisine. Not long after ordering, our table had enough disparate dishes to cover a range of Chinese and Thai flavors.       What's on the M...

China's Fake European Towns

Shanghai Blogs   Wanna see something really weird? Go check out these knock-off towns around Shanghai and see what China does best: imitate others.   LITTLE GERMANY   Where: Take Line 11 to Anting Metro station 2 interesting facts about Anting New Town in Jiading, Shanghai’s ...

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