• Go Check Out Some Erotic Art at 390 on Thursday

    Tomorrow night, 390 hosts a free art opening that showcases the sketches of local artist annd member of Shanghai's LGBT community, Guspard Gu. This is the first major exhi... (More...)
  • Poll Results: You're Not As Fat As We Expected

    It can be challenging to stay fit in this city. This might be hard to believe, but in some places in the world, jogging outside after a long day at work can be a welcome re... (More...)
  • City Weekend Parents & Kids Out Now

    Good news -- the new issue of City Weekend Parents & Kids has officially hit stands! You can find it all over the city at any of the following locations: Times Grocery... (More...)
  • DAFF Canceled

    Bad news for those anticipating the fall's biggest art and fashion event -- DAFF FAll 2014 is canceled.  So what happened? Details are a bit unclear, but not all that... (More...)
  • Kung Fu Komedy: Dennis Regan

    This Friday and Saturday (Oct. 17-18), American stand-up comedian Dennis Regan performs at the Kung Fu Komedy Club. A familiar face to many television viewers, Regan has ap... (More...)
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Cantonese Food in Shanghai: Starz Kitchen

Reviews   Alan Tam and Hacken Lee may be strangers to many Westerners. But for those who grew up in Hong Kong or Mainland China, naming a song or two from their catalogue of megahits should be as easy as picking out dishes from the menu at Starz Kitchen, a restaurant backed by the duo. ...

New Club: uDance Radio Vinyl Club (URVC)

Reviews   We trotted into painstakingly hip new nightspot URVC prepared to roll our eyes at everything, but had so much fun that we forgot to be judgmental. Opened by Dave K, a prolific Shanghainese DJ and founder of China's only indie electro radio station uDance, the space serves as ...

Enter the 2014 CW Art & Writing Competition

Family   The City Weekend Art & Writing Competition is open to all international students in Shanghai, ages 2-18. The competition will be divided into three different age groups (Group A: age 2-6; Group B: age 7-13; Group C: age 14-18). Below you will find the details of the compet...

Shanghai's Top 3 Panna Cotta

Shanghai Blogs   Hakkasan | The Bund This upscale Chinese restaurant from London does an elaborate take on simple, classic northern Italian pudding. It’s presented dramatically in a clear, bulbous bowl with a cloud of dry ice vapor swirling around. The vanilla panna cotta (RMB88) is top...

ThinkAdoption: Pet Adoption in Shanghai

Shanghai Blogs   City Weekend's website hosts a pets classifieds section -- so every day, you can check it for animals in Shanghai in need of a home. There are lots of active community groups working for animal protection in Shanghai -- PPAR, SCAA, JAR -- the following animals are being cared ...

How to Drive in China

Shanghai Blogs   Car ownership is, undeniably, part of the Chinese middle class dream. After all, how are we supposed to correctly categorize and grade our fellow human, and ourself, unless we have clear ranking systems such as car badges and model numbers?       If you get a...

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  • New Bar: Kulou

    Kulou is a primely located, self-consciously trendy new nightspot on Xiangyan...