• Opening Oct. 16: Pret a Manger

    For the past few months, there's been a lot of chatter and excitement about Pret a Manger's opening and you've probably seen their sign at the K11 office tower lobby. We'v... (More...)
  • Disney Is Hiring!

    Disney is finally hiring! But it may not be in the sense you potential job-seekers are hoping for.  Disney's new Pudong park is looking for dancers, comic actors, sin... (More...)
  • Zhong Plaza's Tap House & Starling Temporarily Close

    Zhong Plaza is arguably the most popular new spot in Shanghai as of this summer, but mid-week drinkers who wandered into the complex last night would have been surprised to... (More...)
  • Shanghai's New Cabs Will Be Gold

    You may have already heard that Shanghai will be welcoming new London-style cabs to the underwhelming fleet of taxis that roams the streets of Shanghai, driving past desper... (More...)
  • China's Ego Grows Too Big for Its Head

    As you may have heard, Beijing plans to tighten hiring (i.e. visa) requirements for foreigners, continuing the same trends that have progressed over the past few years. In ... (More...)
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Book Review: China's Second Continent

Shanghai Blogs   China knows demographics. By 2050, Africa’s population could be two billion. By 2100, the continent could include more people than China and India combined. And it’s just at the start of an economic boom. China wants in. Howard French’s book takes a look at ...

The Dish: Sausage Fest

Shanghai Blogs   Let’s just say it now and get it out of the way: sausages are awesome. They are juicy, fragrant and often slick with their own grease. Snicker all you want (there will undoubtedly be a landslide of “that’s what she said,” jokes) but I feel like desensit...

Shanghai's Best Weekend Events

Shanghai Blogs   Ready for another big weekend in the big city? Read on for our round up of the weekend's top events. (For our weekend nightlife round up, click here.)  9th Annual Chili Cook-Off & Music Festival | Cool Docks On Saturday from 11AM to 5PM, Bubba's is hosting their 9...

Film Review: Divergent

Shanghai Blogs   Divergent opens in a dystopian Chicago, now a city of battered skyscrapers, after a world war has wiped out most of humanity. Those who are left have been divided into five factions to preserve social order -- Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intellects), Dauntless (the...

Shanghai Weekend Nightlife

Shanghai Blogs   Every week, our Shanghai Weekend Nightlife post distills City Weekend's comprehensive database of nightlife events down to the parties, concerts and live shows that you simply cannot miss.   Thursday Bar Rouge's ladies night Girls Night Out celebrates its second annive...

China Travel: Ningbo

Shanghai Blogs   When you first arrive in Ningbo, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you never left Shanghai. Much of the city looks and feels suspiciously like Xujiahui. The new high tech zone? A perfect Pudong replica. There’s even a historic Bund which has been renovated and retrof...

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