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5 Intensive Workouts to Try in Shanghai

For those looking to sweat it out a little more

For those looking for a workout that is more intensive than your normal gym routine, City Weekend has put together a list of some of the toughest classes in Shanghai. Be warned, not for the faint of heart.



300 Spartan HIIT and Olympians HIIT at The Clinic



HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, focusing on long-term body change. 300 Spartan HIIT is a unique class as it is meant to be a modern replica of the original workout performed by the cast of the movie 300, originally performed by Mark Twight. Taught by Maurad Tcherouka and lasting 45 minutes, this intense training system is not meant to be performed everyday, therefore the class is carried out on alternate days. An even more intense workout, introduced by the same trainer, is Olympians HIIT, which incorporates Navy Seal exercises; a single class is at least RMB300.


Where: The Clinic, Suite A501 5/F Bldg B, 118 Jiashan Lu (near Yongkang Lu)

Tel: 3368-8801

Website: theclinic.international



Iron Dragon Crossfit



Iron Dragon Crossfit was and still is China’s first official Crossfit gym.  This facility holds Crossfit workout programs meant to be short but intense. The gym itself is unique and stylized with spray paint art along the walls as well as a standard set of workout machines including presses, weights, etc. Crossfit classes vary upon location, and Iron Dragon Crossfit seems very focused on quick muscle growth and continuous muscle stimulation.  A typical drop-in class is RMB189, although an open gym drop-in for those that feel they are already well-versed in fitness training is RMB85.



The gym also hosts what they call the Ninja Warrior Urban Movement Training, perfect for those looking to take on the American Ninja Warrior obstacle courses.Trainers Kyle and Martino are on hand to dish out a workout that will work different muscle-groups, in order to prevail at specific obstacles. The facility contains bars and chains attached to the ceiling, a salmon ladder (used for hopping up metal beams while performing push-ups, as well as ramps with steep inclines that trainees must attempt to climb, if they believe they have what it takes to become the next American Ninja Warrior.  A single class costs RMB189, while a 20 class set is RMB3,000. These classes are on Sundays at noon and Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:00PM.


Where: Iron Dragon Crossfit, 3-5/F Bldg 1, 1279 Zhongshan Xi Lu (near Hongqiao Lu)

Tel: 6237-6780 / 177-6515-9828

Email: info@crossfit-irondragon.com

Website: crossfit-irondragon.com



Emperor Crossfit



These Crossfit classes are meant to reinforce the fundamental muscle and movement patterns of the body, so various muscle regions are worked in each exercise.  The class begins with a mobility workout, moves into skills and strength exercises, transitions to the workout of the day (which changes daily), and then finishes with a cool down. Note, in order to begin Crossfit, you are required to have taken the foundations of fitness classes, and these cost RMB1,500 for an individual course and RMB1,000 for a group course. The actual Crossfit classes are RMB200 for drop-in and RMB1,600 for a package of 10 classes.


Where: Emperor Crossfit, 255 Lanhua Lu

Tel: 6859-0139 / 186-1692-9007

Email: ecfshanghai@outlook.com

Website: ecfshanghai.com



Spinning at Spinback Fitness



Spinback Fitness is known for their spinning classes. Each class is meant to simulate a biking experience - not only can you change the amount of effort required to push down the pedal for varying difficulties, you will also speed up and slow down at different points in correspondence to music playing. Classes are meant to work varying regions of the body, but this form of cardio will work your legs, core, and burn fat all at once.  A single pay-per-session costs RMB120 whereas an interval training session costs RMB150 for a single class.


Where: Spinback Fitness, B416, 98 Jiashan Lu

Tel: 158-0186-9019

Email: adriana@spinbackfitness.com

Website: spinbackfitness.com


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