Hey Amber, your article was a good read. I provide communication strategies to one of the world's greatest MNCs where the issues raised in your article occupy a good deal of the company's cross functional "integrated marketing communication" diligence. Many companies that have long productive histories with traditional media usages are often ineffective using social media when they try to apply strategies and tactics from one media to another. Mega global companies are often so preoccupied with brand protection that they become paralyzed with frustrations when they find out they can't control 'events' and then public relation and crisis management teams try to do their damage control. It is maddening to deal with sabotage advertising, untrue "scientific and medical," reports posted by bloggers with suspicious intentions. One thing is clear, when a fire starts on the net here, in China, no amount of water can put it out. Again, nice work.

thank you! Paul :) Anthann: Red Ant is pretty good too.

Adsmith China or Mediaman, both great reputations

This article is greatly useful! Thanks a lot for posting this. Right now I am starting up my business in China. Can you guys recommend me a good social media professional in Shanghai?

That was an excellent article Amber..very well wrtitten and informative..well done