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The Best Curry Laksa in Shanghai

Where to find this Southeast Asian curry noodle soup

Curry laksa is a spicy, coconut-based noodle soup that fuses Chinese and Malay cuisines. It’s wildly popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and some parts of Thailand. Ask anyone from the above countries and there will be a heated debate about what makes a good laksa. We scoured the city for the best laksas in Shanghai and here’s what we found.


Laksa Noodle Kitchen 

Laksa Noodle Kitchen comes from the team behind Café Sambal, the city’s longstanding purveyors of upmarket Malaysian food. Since opening this past February, they’ve improved on consistency and flavor, offering an authentic, full-flavored laksa (RMB43). It’s a well-presented bowl with fresh, quality ingredients. It’s the best we tried, plus its affordable, and we wholeheartedly recommend it. 

Address: Rm. E04, B2, Hubindao, 150 Hubin Lu (near Jinan Lu) 
Tel: 6313-2070



restaurant in Shanghai: Malacca Hainanese Chicken Rice

Malacca Hainanese Chicken Rice

Malacca Hainanese Chicken Rice  does more than just chicken rice. This family-run hole-in-the-wall does some great Malaysian food for real cheapm abd their Nyonya Laksa (RMB45) packs a punch. It’s a spicy curry broth thickened with coconut cream and spices of fresh galangal and chili. The vermicelli noodles are amply topped with prawns (again, not the best quality), deep-fried tofu, fish balls and shredded chicken. The hearty portion will have you sniffling into the bowl in no time.

Address: 1701 Xinzha Lu (near Changde Lu) 新闸路1701号 (近常德路)
Tel: 139-1614-6674


modern laksa at ginger, shanghai


Ginger is one of our favorites for contemporary Asian food, and their laksa has basked in high praise for years. The heat is turned down a notch, but the soup is fragrant and full-bodied, with umami-rich prawn paste and lots of laksa leaves. We're not too fond of the shredded cucumber and it's also herbier and less creamy than we’re used to, but we love it. This is perhaps the most gourmet, and at RMB108, there is no doubt some sticker shock, but quality comes at a price. 

Address: 91 Xingguo Lu (near Hunan Lu)
Tel: 3406-0599


food fusion does a mean laksa

Food Fusion

Food Fusion is our go-to when we want to sate our Southeast Asian street-stall cravings. The Malaysian restaurant chain is mostly found in shopping malls, but also available for delivery via several delivery services. This laksa (RMB42) is unabashedly street-style—oily with a bright red sheen on the surface and sufficiently creamy with a lingering spiciness that hitches in the back of your throat. It also comes with a free drink during lunch. Multiple locations. 

Address: 8/F, Parkson, 918 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu) 
Tel: 6385-3906


laksa at orchard crc in shanghai

Orchard CRC 

Orchard CRC is the granddaddy of Southeast Asian restaurants in Shanghai. Operating for more than 10 years, this Singaporean restaurant is way overdue for a face lift--gaudy chandeliers and scuffed floorboards are a telling sign. The menu is an almanac of Singaporean dishes from famous stir-fries to obscure street foods. In a way, the laksa (45) is true to its street food roots, as it’s sloppily cobbled together, oily with a lingering kick in the back of the throat and tasty. We’d say the soup is drinkable, but strain the oil first. 

Address: 1788 Xinzha Lu (near Yanping Lu)
Tel: 6218-1792


laksa at hungry lung's kitchen

Hungry Lung's Kitchen

Hungry Lung’s Kitchen serves one of the most gourmet versions of laksa in town. They serve two versions: grilled chicken, tofu and quail eggs (RMB68) or 7-spice shrimp, fish, tofu and quail egg (RMB75). The soup is mild in spice but well balanced, and is one of the few bowls we willingly drank to the last drop. We appreciated the fresh tofu and and the skewered shrimp, though skinny in portion was extremely tasty. Hungry Lung's is at Yongkang Lu, Crystal Galleria and K11.

Address: 99 Jiashan Lu (near Yongkang Lu)
Tel: 5450-0322


Sergeant's Singaporean Laksa, located in iapm mall


Known for their Hainanese chicken rice, Sergeant’s Singaporean Laksa (RMB58) is passable for a lunch hour rush if you’re craving in the vicinity of IAPM. The soup is spicier and noticeably saltier, and it has way more toppings (four boiled, peeled prawns) than others. We did notice other patrons asking for extra chili paste to spice up their broth. Sergeant is a place that turns over covers, and is more of a slurp-and-go stop. 

Address: L5-508, 5/F, IAPM, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu)
Tel: 5496-1908


laksa from Molokai, located in Xintiandi


Molokai was recommended to us with high praise, but the laksa (RMB56) falls short compared to others on this list. It was served almost immediately after ordering, but was poorly assembled and sans bean sprouts, which we noted to the waitstaff, and a handful of the sprouts were added in. The broth is on the lighter side and not as oily, certainly drinkable. The fried, peeled prawn had a strong white pepper coating that jousted with the flavor of the mild soup. It’s OK if you’re in a rush, but it’s not our favorite. 

Address: 3/F, Xintiandi South Plaza, Bldg 6, 123 Xingye Lu (near Huangpi Nan Lu)
Tel: 5321-0881

Cafe Sambal nyonya curry laksa

Cafe Sambal

Despite our love for the consistency and quality of the laksa at Laksa Noodle Kitchen, big brother Cafe Sambal misses the mark. The Nyonya curry laksa (RMB68) was thick and powdery, more curry chicken sauce than curry broth. However, the prawns, tofu, fish cake and stir-fried long beans were fresh and flavorful. To be fair, chef just arrived back in town, so maybe it’s a case of an inattentive sous chef. 

Address: Bldg. A, No. 37, 259 Jiashan Lu (near Jianguo Xi Lu)
Tel: 3368-9529


We also hear that the laksa at The COOK (Kerry Hotel Pudong) is pretty good too, as does The Peninsula's Lobby, it's a high-end version that comes with mussels. 


Have we missed out any important laksa spots? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Rachel Gouk
Rachel Gouk is the dining editor and digital content manager at City Weekend Shanghai. She's a ball-buster, but manages to charm her way back into people's good graces. Likes food, cooking, photography and heavy metal.


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