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The Big List of Pet Boarding Services in Shanghai

Leaving for a holiday? Here's where you can leave your furry friend

So you're jetting off to a holiday destination, but you're leaving a furry friend or two behind. You have two options, either leave them with a friend or get an ayi to come in daily. But you don't really want to impose on a friend, and let's face it: you know your ayi hates your cat. Fortunately for you, though, Shanghai offers a surprising amount of pet care and kenneling services. Here's a list. 





Where: 2898 Xiayan Gong Lu (near Xintanwa Gong)下盐公路2898号 (近新坦瓦公路)

Tel: 158-0210-0791

How Much: From RMB100/night, depending on size of dog and length of stay


Founded by a pair of Singaporeans, BuddyDog is a professional dog training and boarding school. They offer a range of kennels suited for different-sized dogs, all equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. The larger kennels are attached to individual outdoor runs, ensuring plenty of space for each boarder. There's also a 300sqm area where pets are allowed off-leash to frolick in, as well as several yard pens for them to play and socialize in.


Lovely Paws Lakeside Pet Resort

Where: 88 Wanyuan Lu (near Caobao Lu) 万源路88号 (近漕宝路)

Tel: 136-6181-1849

WeChat: feifei1849

How Much: From RMB168/day, depending on length of stay and size of dog


Lovely Paws advertise themselves as being a "free range, no cage" pet boarding service that offers your dog the opportunity for quality socialization and a true pack experience. Your pooch will be regularly exercised through walks, runs, bike rides, swims and toy play. They're situated in a lovely area by Dianshan Lake, surrounded by nature and lush greenery, too.


Pet Park

Where: 1 Maoche Lu, Tongjian Village, Yexie Town 叶榭镇同建村毛车路1号

Tel: 5780-6328

How Much: From RMB80/day, prices vary depending on size of dog and length of stay


Pet Park is located out in the far reaches of Minhang, but fortunately they offer pet transport services at RMB2/km. Their kennels are all indoors, each equipped with its own air conditioner. Dogs are given two to three hours outdoor exercise and stimulation daily.


Pet boarding services in Shanghai





How Much: RMB110/hour, RMB130/hour (Chinese holidays)


Unlike dogs, cats are visibly more stressed and unhappy when being taken away from a familiar environment. This is where Catatom comes in. Specializing in home cat care, they will come daily to ensure your cat has enough food and fresh water, and that the litter pan gets cleaned out regularly. Extra services like dog-walking and house plant maintanence are also available for a small top-off fee.


Cats and dogs boarding services in Shanghai




Spare Leash

WeChat: SpareLeash

How Much: From RMB150/day (cat sitting), From RMB200/day (house sitting / pet boarding)


Spare Leash offers a range of personalized services from quick check-in visits and dog walking to cat or house sitting and pet boarding services. They're also the only service on this list where pets are boarded at a sitter's home instead of a kennel. This means unlimited attention and playtime, with highly customizable experiences suited for each individual cat or dog. It's a little more pricey but it's worth it for such quality, tailored care.


Jia-Liang Pet Shangrila

Where: 1858 Sanlu Gong Lu (near Minrui Lu) 三鲁公路1858号 (近闵瑞路)

Tel: 3411-0089, 6411-0049

How Much: From RMB130/day (dogs), From RMB180/day (cats), prices vary depending on size of pet and type of room chosen


The kennels at Jia-Liang Pet Shangrila are designed with climate-controlled indoor suites, with access to outdoor patios in the day. Dogs are also taken outside two to three times daily and exercised off-leash in a grassy, fenced area. Catteries are equipped with individual litter pans; your cat will also be taken out to exercise in a dedicated feline play area. In addition to boarding facilities, Jia-Liang also provides pet relocation, grooming and training services.


Pet Zoo

Where: 951 Hongxu Lu (near Yan'an Xi Lu) 虹许路951号 (近延安西路)

Tel: 6262-6006

How Much: From RMB99/day (dog), prices vary depending on size of pet and package chosen, RMB99/day (cats and other pets)


Pet Zoo is primarily a pet store but they have a hospital and hotel on site. Prices start from RMB99/day for dogs and go up according to size and the type of package you buy. Cat-boarding is RMB99/day regardless of size. They're also happy to take on rabbits, birds and other less conventional pets like reptiles and amphibians, also for RMB99/day.


Bark Shanghai

Where: 12 Quankou Lu (near Linquan Lu) 泉口路12号 (近林泉路)

Tel: 3208-7757


Bark Shanghai offers what they term "social boarding"—encouraging socialization and supervised playtime together with other dogs—all with the owner's permission of course. Cats are housed in a wholly separate area, the aim is to keep feline stress to a minimum by ensuring the environment is quiet and less boisterous. In addition to boarding, they also offer pick-up and drop-off services, in-house grooming and pet relocation assistance.


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