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The Brazilian Dance: Dave Hampson Introduces Us to Capoeira

**What’s Capoeira?** Well, it’s a sort of martial art that originally came out of slave communities on the east coast of Brazil. They weren’t allowed to practice martial arts, so they used this as a form of physical training and disguised it as a dance. It was also part of a much larger communication system though. Small changes in rhythm, for example, could mean that danger was coming. **Wow, that’s quite the history.** Yeah, but of course it’s much different now. Over the last 20 years or so, its popularity has really exploded internationally. **Has it retained its physical nature? Or is it more of a dance form now?** I think it’s equal parts dance and martial art. It’s not just about fighting technique; we’re also interested in the beauty and aesthetic of it. But you still try to trip people up. **Trip people up? Physically or just to break their flow?** A bit of both–it’s a game. You imply a kick to the face, but you don’t actually follow through. And then they have to respond. It goes back and forth. It’s not a game with clear winners and losers, but it’s obvious who’s better than who. You don’t have to say who won, but everyone knows. **And how does everyone know you?** Well, they actually call me *Trombada*. Everyone gets a Brazilian nickname when they start. But in terms of my style, I like to keep it loose and easy. **Is that what *Trombada* means?** Haha, no, it means “car crash”. But that’s nothing to do with how I play Capoeira–it’s because I make seat belts and air bags for a living. [**Shanghai Capoeira Club**](http://cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/listings/sports/martial_arts/has/capoeira/)
**Email**: capoeirashanghai@yahoo.com
**Web**: [http://www.capoeirashanghai.com/](http://www.capoeirashanghai.com/)

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Don't cross your legs while ginga, Trombada :)
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CM Trombada! Oppa! You didn't mentioned about the capoeristas with nice asses!
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Oppa! Capoeirista!
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Opa Trombada !
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