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China Unicom Offers In-Store Jailbreaking

As if Apple doesn't have enough problems with iPhone and iPad piracy here, China Unicom's latest stunt is just a little bit ridiculous. The telecoms giant is now offering an in-store jailbreaking service for iPhones, meaning that devices that are locked to a particular service provider can be used with a Unicom SIM. According to this first hand report (Google translated), the stores are also offering to help you download the top 10 paid apps for free, and they'll trim down your SIM card so it will fit inside the iPhone 4's micro-SIM slot. Since the iPhone 4 isn't available in China until next month, unless you want to buy a knock-off or a super-expensive grey market model, this service is only of any use if you've brought your iPhone 4 back from overseas. Apple is yet to release a statement. We think they'll be less than pleased.
Have you had your iPhone jailbroken by China Unicom? Are you Steve Jobs and feel like venting your frustration? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Read on the China Economic Review that Unicom is not faring very well lately, and mainly because they squandered a lot of resources for the promotion of their iPhone with no WiFi :P
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