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Fashionista: Yanie Durocher

Name: Yanie Durocher

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger at The MARGINALIST / Fashion PR



When you are working with someone new, especially at a photoshoot, it usually comes down to one of two situations: you just want to get it over with, or you don’t mind how long it takes because you are having too much fun!


Working with Yanie Durocher, aka The MARGINALIST, is definitely the latter. She might look fierce and distant in her photos, but off camera, she’s full of jokes and laughter. We’ve seen our fair share of so-called fashion bloggers, but Durocher is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth and approachable.



Durocher grew up in Montreal and came to Shanghai about two and a half years ago. Before that, she had worked and studied in New York, Paris and Milan. Her extensive experience in beauty, fashion and luxury led to the creation of her blog The MARGINALIST, where she writes about fashion and culture.


In addition to blogging, she also does fashion PR for several international brands and was recently a columnist for Style TV. Experiencing every side of this business has made her one of the most compelling voices to tune in to, and earned her a prominent place in Shanghai’s fashion scene.


Given all the jobs that she tackles, dressing up might seem like a painful task, but Durocher doesn’t see it that way. “You are what you eat, and you are what you wear,” she says. “It’s not hard to pull off basic nice outfits even to do the groceries. It’s just a habit.”


According to Durocher, she wakes up every morning with a double espresso, gauges her mood for the day and everything just rolls out from there. Sounds easy, right? For someone who has to change 3-5 times per day during fashion’s high seasons, we can’t help but feel jealous of her unique sense of style.


Love It / Hate It


Fashion Nightmare: “I went to a Black Tie event without reading the invite properly and arrived in a furry pink coat with oversized pink glasses and knee-high leather boots. I think context is important...”

Fashion Faux Pas: “Jeans, shirts or bras that are not the right fit is a pet peeve. It’s uncomfortable and does not enhance anything.”

Celeb Style Icon: “Edie Sedgwick’s frail but super feminine personality seems very far from us, but I think it’s deep inside every woman. She was an accidental pioneer of trends.”



The Look



“This is my favorite piece to mix and match from day wear to night wear.”



“Sue Comma Bonnie ‘Selfish’ white PV boots are great paired with long skirts, flared pants and slack trousers.”


Heirloom ring:

“This will bring a simple everyday bling to your life.”


Photographer: Ransom Wingo

Shot on location at 1933 Shanghai


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