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First Impressions: The 2012 Shanghai Sexpo

We weren't exactly sure what to expect from the [9th Annual Shanghai Adult Toy and Health Expo](http://www.adc-expo.com/en/index.asp), but it mostly consisted of dildos. Lots and lots of dildos. For RMB50, you get a chance to walk around to various booths of wholesale retailers selling everything from condoms to life-size sex dolls. But individual buyers beware, the majority of the sales are for wholesale only! City Weekend was on site to check out all of the eye opening exhibits and questionable men.

Sexpo from above.

Try them before you buy them, but not recommended.

These lovely ladies relaxing on recliners, drew a large crowd. We asked how much a lady costs, but there are no set prices as each model is a custom job. Were guessing these girls ain't cheap.

Creepy guy number one getting up close and personal with one of the exhibits. We learned that elasticity is chief concern when purchasing sex dolls in bulk.

There were some actual real women amongst the sex dolls, dressed as fairy tale characters, selling ladies bits in a box.

"Liquid comes out here." This deluxe model chair looks a bit more uncomfortable then your typical recliner. Make sure you clean after use, especially if you're filling it with something other than water!

Creepy guy two's possibly thinking "Does this model come in green?"

The only women at Sexpo were the ones on display. These vocal amateur photographers were overly aroused by the dildo demonstrations.

We question the motives of the customer who personally ordered the red-afro man sex-doll with chest hair. Also look at the shop attendant demonstrating how to use the doll (or maybe yawning).

The second floor sexual health displays were boring, and not as popular as the downstairs dildo exhibits. Don't bother with upstairs, unless you have a venereal disease, they have a booth to get that checked out.

These interesting contraptions will keep you satisfied and fit. If you're worried about the extra calories, we think the Pure Blonde model is low carb.
So our overall thoughts on this year's sexpo? - RMB50 is probably not worth it for the individual consumer. However, if you are looking to buy there was a small sale section with a few adult goodies. A mid-range dildo will set you back around RMB100-150, but there were deluxe models costing RMB800 and up. If you're going to buy some toys for your personal collection, you'd be better off using the expo for inspiration and buying your desired toy online. - There are a lot of creepy men hanging about. A lot. - We learned that there is large market for dildos and sex-dolls in Shanghai. - The only sexual health information we uncovered were big boxes of condoms. - If you did want to start your own Taobao sex shop, this is the place to go and buy in bulk. - We used the word dildo six times in this article, and not once did we use a that's what she said joke! - Overall it left us feeling pretty unsatisfied... That's what she said. Words by Brandon Livesay and Laura Uhlir. Photos by Brandon Livesay --------- DETAILS What: [9th Annual Shanghai Adult Toy and Health Expo](http://www.adc-expo.com/en/index.asp) Where: [Shanghai International Exhibition Center](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/listings/home-office/centers/has/hongqiaokaifaqu_exhibition_centers_shanghai_international_exhibition_center/) When: Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 of March | 9am-5:30pm How much: RMB50 entry fee


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luhlir's picture


Supposedly there is a free gift bag, but we couldn't find it. So, alas, no freebies.


What's the freebies available for such a show (worth the RMB50)? :-)
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