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Five Ways to Spend 10,000 Kuai in Shanghai

Things to do in Shanghai when you've got money to burn

Deng Xiaoping once said that to get rich is glorious. Shanghai clearly took that to heart. We truly are in the China's playground for the wealthy elite. And if you happen to be one of them, or just have several thousand kuai burning a hole in your pocket, here are five things to do in Shanghai that cost RMB10,000. 


Things To Do In Shanghai With RMB10,000

A Big Bubbly Gala Dinner and an Overnight Stay at The Peninsula: RMB9,430-11,995

The Peninsula has long been an obvious choice for dropping some coin in Shanghai, and on June 3 and 4 the Michelin-starred Sir Elly’s Restaurant will provide the opportunity to do just that with their Grande Affaire de Champagne. That's basically French for "big champagne party" if you hadn't already figured it out. It's a gala dinner featuring a six-course meal with champagne pairings. That's RMB3,367 per person. While you're there, you might as well book a room. All that bubbly will likely go to your head anyway. Depending your tastes, you can book a Deluxe Garden Room, a Deluxe River Room, or an Exective Suite, setting the grand total at anywhere between RMB9,430 and RMB11,995. Book your seat by calling 2327-6695 or by emailing diningpsh@peninsula.com.


Things To Do In Shanghai for RMB10,000

Spa Treatment for Three: RMB11,340

Maybe you gave yourself a backache sitting on your fat cash-filled wallet like George Costanza. In that case, you need a spa day at Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Peace Hotel. Willow Stream's Top to Toe Treatment is 250 minutes of intense pampering for RMB3,780. Following a Chinese Remedy Massage and a Prestige Limitless Facial comes a Tea Essence Body Treatment, and finally, a Ginseng Herbal Bath. Don't be selfish. Bring two friends. That brings the tally to RMB11,340


Things To Do In Shanghai for RMB10,000 Xiaolongbao

Five and a Half Thousand Xiaolongbao: RMB10,010

We know what you're thinking: "5,445 xialongbao is a bit excessive." And you’re probably right. But isn’t excess the founding virtue of this city? Fu Chun is perhaps one of the best xiaolongbao places in town town to spend silly money on. Anthony Bourdain gave it his stamp of approval on the show Parts Unknown. And, for what it's worth, we gave it ours right here.  With the right combination of purpose and ambition, you could end up spending the best RMB10,010 you’ve ever spent in the Shanghai. Or you could just share the wealth and hit up every one of these these places.  


90 minutes on a Luxury Yacht: RMB9,900

There’s no point in spending like no one’s watching if no one’s actually watching, and people tend to notice a yacht. Don't own one? You can rent one. This 68-foot-long Azimut goes from 0 to 100 in under 60 seconds. We’re not talking miles or kilometers, mind you, but yuan. It will cost you more than 100 yuan for every 60 seconds you’re on it. Deck shoes and ridiculous captain's hat not included. 


Things To Do in Shanghai For RMB10,000 Ultraviolet

Dinner for Two at Ultraviolet: RMB12,000

Ultraviolet makes this task easy. Just once seat here will set you back as much as RMB6,000 if you opt for their Prestige Wine Pairings. An evening at Ultraviolet has all the intrigue of being invited to a secret society meeting or one of those clubs where billionaires bet on cage fighters in death matches. You're driven to an undisclosed location and treated to a 20-course meal enhanced with audio, visual, and even olfactory elements. There is nothing quite like it in Shanghai, or, for that matter, the world. And while you eat dinner, you can take pride in the fact that you are only one of ten people in Shanghai who could get a seat at the table that night. For more information or to check out other Shanghai restaurants similar in stature, check out our list of Special Occasion Restaurants in Shanghai.      

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