When I was living in Shimao, they only accepted their residents. It might change now. You may want to call them before heading out.

@cbowd I have the same thing... it's supposedly okay to savagely push your way onto the metro using your toolbox as a bludgeon, but the minute you punch someone who does this in the face, the police have to get involved.
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I think you will find that most of the rooftop pools in Shanghai are on the small-side. I went to the JW Marriot last weekend (I must of been lucky enough to get in early) and it was pretty amazing. It's a great space and the view from the balcony is breathtaking. I think you should give it another go while it's still warm, it will be worth the effort. Trust me!

I tried to head down to the JW Marriot last weekend but it looks like they only have only 20 spots available during the weekend. Yup, only 20 spots. The guy on the phone said it usually sells out by 10am during the weekend. However, weekdays are good to go. I recently saw some pictures of the pool and it looks kinda small, blah..
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I hate wearing caps in swimming pools here. Why is it that the moment you remove your cap the "lifeguard" will point and blow his whistle, but when children are using the area as a public toilet or swimmers launching phlem floaters nothing is done?

Thanks Sophie! Though I've just found out that Mrs Narsfs has been there before and therefore it's impossible to contemplate going there. Y'know, I've never been and everything, but it doesn't seem to matter...
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Not near Qibao but Sun Island has the Super Fun Happy Slide(s) for which you're looking.

Actually, Gubei Wills has a good pool with some sun loungers - no music though :( Are there any good fun pools in Shanghai other than that one near Qibao? I want to get my Super Fun Happy Slide on!
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Thanks, Steve! You might try the Tennis Center at the Regal International Hotel. It's a 5-star hotel and word on the street is that it's semi open to the public.

Super nice article. I went to the Shimao website but there isn't any information regarding the pool. I wanted to check hours, facilities etc. Also, without a beach scence in Shanghai, would you recommend other hotel facilities that are open to the public that has a vegas like pool scene. I want a place with a pool, lounge chairs, food +drinks, music, etc etc. Something that rivals pool areas in the Wynn or Bellagio etc. Do you know if some of the 5 star hotels offer day passes their pool area? Which hotel would be best? I haven't figured how to get my beach time in Shanghai yet.