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i guess this is rampant in China. it's actually hard to eradicate such activity.. you remove one...2-3 more will emerge. it's a never-ending game. and sex industry is a booming industry.

Doubtless for the same reason you believe you're funny: a delusional mind.
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"... however a recent hidden camera investigation by Guangdong TV has revealed the “yellow sweeping” might not be as effective as the government claims. " No shit. Next you'll tell me the Easter Bunny isn't real and nobody in the government is corrupt, either. What surprises me is that anyone (including the reporter) was surprised by any of this.

Why do I have the sneaky suspicion you have lots of free time?

Thank Christ I don't have the time to go to any comedy clubs...

The police might not have showed up, but I did... Let's just say i got my 'banana' peeled. You know what I'm sayin? I had my 'monkey brains' eaten if you catch my drift. I had my 'tree' clim- sigh... ok to tell you the truth they have a strict no primate policy at the door. F*cking discrimination I tell ya...

I saw this reportage on Shanghai TV a few weeks ago. Sort of an easy shot at an easy target.