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How to: Pay Your Utility Bills with Alipay

No need to run to post offices or convenience stores anymore

Once you sign up for Alipay, you're basically invincible in China. You can pretty much do everything within the app—buy train and flight tickets, call a cab, track your Taobao packages, and of course, pay your utility bills.


If you find it annoying having to run to the post office or nearest convenience stores every time you have to pay your bills, read on to see how you can settle all that with a mere tap of your finger. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pay your bills with Alipay.


If you haven't sign up for an Alipay account, check out our guide on how to do that here.


1) Open your Alipay app


How to pay your utility bills with Alipay


Open up your Alipay app and locate the Utilities function. If you can't find it on your homepage, tap the More button and look for it there.


2) Link your utility accounts with Alipay


How to pay your bills with Alipay


Once you pop into the Utility page, you'll see a list of utility accounts that you can link to your Alipay account: Water, Electricity, Gas, Satellite TV, Landline Telephone and Broadband.


You'll need a physical copy of your bills which should be delivered directly to your door. If not, ask your landlord for old copies or better yet, get them to give you the account numbers and utility units (which electricity or water company your apartment is tied to).


How to pay your utility bills with Alipay


Tap 'Add To' which will bring you to a page listing all the city's Utility Units, simply select the one your apartment is registered under, then key in your account number (which you will find on your bill), click 'Next' and you're done. You've officially linked your Alipay with your Utility account.


3) Pay up


How to pay your utility bills with Alipay


From there, it's a simple process of checking every now and then if it's time to pay up. If you have bills to pay, you'll see the amount displayed in bold and a "Pay Now" option, if not it'll simply tell you there are no outstanding payments you need to settle currently. You can also opt for the Auto-Pay function so you don't ever have to worry about forgetting your bills ever again.


How to pay your utility bills with Alipay


If you move, remember to unlink your Alipay account from your previous apartment. Simply tap Edit, then Edit again to key in the details to your new place, or Delete.


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