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How to: Winter-Proof Your Apartment

Budget-friendly and non-permanent options


You're probably living in a rental, and your landlord doesn't care that you shiver yourself to sleep. And why should you invest in making the place more livable when you might be gone in a year? Your landlord may just use it as an excuse to confiscate your deposit anyway.


But winter in Shanghai is brutal, and unlike our brethren up north, we aren't blessed with built-in heating systems. Sometimes you've got to take matters into your own hands. Here are a few non-permanent and budget-friendly ideas for prepping your apartment for winter.


Tape Everything

Limit outside air infiltration with weatherstripping. It's inexpensive, self-adhering and you can easily install it along the edges of windows and the bottoms of doors. Tape up unused electrical outlets, especially the ones on outward-facing walls. You'll be surprised at the amount of cold air that sneaks in through them.


Clear Shower Curtains

Getting heavy drapes made can be expensive, and many of them block out light. One cheap alternative is to buy clear vinyl shower curtains and tension rods and hang them between your windows and curtains. This blocks the draft seeping in from windows as well as the sections of wall underneath.


They are also great to hang over doorways. This way you can contain the heat in one section of your home without compromising the natural light between spaces. Then when you close your doors, you also have another layer of protection.


Heated Bedding & Carpets

Get a decent electric blanket. There are so many options available on the market now, and some come with separate dials for each side of the bed in case your other half prefers a different heat setting. These not only keep you warm throughout the night, they are also much easier on your power bill than running a radiator all night.


We also can't emphasize enough how life-changing a portable heater fan is, they're affordable (RMB250 for a decent waterproof model on Taobao), heat up very quickly and can be easily moved around your apartment. Blast it in the mornings as you drag yourself out of the warm cocoon of your bed, or run it while you're in the shower so you don't feel like you're dying of hypothermia when you step out.


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Wansien Lee
Wansien Lee is the Life & Style Editor for City Weekend Shanghai. She's Malaysian by name, but funnily enough has never lived in Malaysia. She likes writing about food and travel, and will probably end up the crazy lady down the street with thirty-seven cats.


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