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In-N-Out Pop-Up Cancelled

Bye bye burgers

In-N-Out’s pop-up on Wednesday, March 22 has been cancelled. 


News of In-N-Out’s arrival in Shanghai broke on March 3, first reported by Time Out. The American burger chain was supposed to have its pop-up from 11am this Wednesday, serving a limited amount of burgers, including their famous “Double-Double” and “Animal Style.” 


The news was unintentionally leaked. The original idea was to inform the public two days before the event. It was to be held at Wow Café, a quiet spot on Shaoxing Lu. 


The organizers decided to cancel the event, concerned the the number of people who would show up might bring some unwelcome noise the quiet neighborhood.


Wow Café owner, Dave Chang said that they didn't anticipate the amount of publicity this event got and was concerned about the number of customers it would bring. 


"We wanted to protect the legitimacy of an actual pop-up. And to protect the neighborhood and venue owner Dave," said Eric Billings, Manager of Special Foreign Events.


The privately owned American fast food chain was founded in California in 1948. It has since achieved widespread cult-like popularity, despite its limited number of locations on the West Coast, conducting pop-ups around the world. 


We hear that they’ll be back next year, probably. 

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Rachel Gouk
Rachel Gouk is the Managing Editor at City Weekend Shanghai. She's a ball-buster, but manages to charm her way back into people's good graces. Likes food, cooking, photography and heavy metal.


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Wow. So is this a first? A businessman cancels an event because it's going to bring too much business? Um, maybe he's not a businessman after all if he doesn't understand how this kind of thing works. And maybe won't have any business anymore, which is perhaps how he'd like things... nice and quiet and empty. So confusing. So disappointing.
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