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The Look: The Seven Style Types

Refocus your shopping habits by identifying style types

For many, shopping can be extremely tedious. The options are overwhelming, the trends endless. We often wind up buying so much unnecessary crap, or force trends that don’t agree with us, when in reality, we’re always gravitating towards the same few items. So, we end up with a closet full of pieces with tags still attached, which not only takes up space but is a complete waste of money.


If you find that this describes you, then it’s time to re-evaluate. There’s a concept called the Seven Style Types that helps you identify your habits and preferences. We can fall anywhere under two to five of these categories. 


Seven Style Types


If you lean on the side of sporty, it doesn’t mean you have to be an all-star athlete. Rather, you value comfort, dislike fuss and need your clothes to be functional. Similarly,  you’re not automatically dropped into the realm of conservative and boring just because you’re traditional, you just gravitate towards pieces that have a classic appeal.


A creative enjoys injecting a bit of surprise in their outfits, for example with detailed layers or socks that pop. On the other hand, elegant doesn’t mean perpetual red carpet wear, but a preference for more monochrome or neutral tones and simple, tailored looks.


If you’re dramatic, you like sophisticated, architectural or exaggerated styles. Then you have those who are alluring—they’re more daring with their choices and are probably comfortable with a snug fit or bold colors and prints. Lastly, a romantic wouldn’t necessarily have a closet full of floral-printed dresses, but they do prefer softer color palettes and light, flowy fabrics.


Here’s an example of how identifying your style types can help you figure out your true preferences. A client of mine believed blazers weren’t for her, she felt that they were stuffy and only office-appropriate. Once we established her body type and style types (traditional, elegant and creative), I had her try on a few.


The first was a white linen blazer. She, of course, was unimpressed with the lack of structure and how the fabric wrinkled (this fit would have resonated more with the sporty style type). Next, I showed her a bouclé blazer. That completely changed her tune. The bouclé offered a more elegant feel, which in turn helps elevate a look, while the linen blazer would have dressed down an outfit with its casualness. We paired it with a simple pair of denim. She was sold.


So before your next shopping spree, I encourage you to start with picking out five of your favorite items. These pieces should be those that you feel your best in. You’ll begin to notice patterns in the colors, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes you prefer, which will help keep you in check, and ensure that everything you buy from now on is precisely what you need and like.


by Rui Cheng | visionairestyling.com


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