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LOOK: Twelve Months of Fashionistas

A look back at all the fashion-forward people we photographed in 2017

December marks the end of another year, and with that we round off a year's worth of Fashionistas. Here's a throwback to all the lovely, fashionable people we featured in the past twelve months.



Name: Valérie Cai

Nationality: French

Occupation: Business development engineer

Fashion nightmare: "When I was a teenager, I went through a 'skater girl' phase, wearing skirts over large pants."

Celeb style icon: "Australian fashion blogger Nicole Warne. Elegant simplicity; my motto in fashion."

Fashion faux pas: "Uggs with sportswear. Explain this to me."



Name: Jayson Atienza

Nationality: American

Occupation: Creative director/artist

Fashion nightmare: "I ripped my suit pants at a friend's wedding doing some dance moves. I was left basically wearing a 'skirt' and had to leave to change."

Celeb style icon: "Pharrell; the way he mixes and matches pieces within his wardrobe."

Fashion faux pas: "I hate it when guys wear super tight shirts to a club, and their jeans are a little baggy. Terrible."



Name: Rosalía Ramos

Nationality: Spanish

Occupation: Student and stage manager

Fashion nightmare: "Spaghetti strap tees with tacky metal band names."

Celeb style icon: "Ana Curra, a punk-rock pioneer in Spain right after Franco's dictatorship ended, in a time when wearing fishnets was pretty much considered heresy."

Fashion faux pas: "High heels. Any type, but especially the needle type. I see them as a form of torture."



Name: Lexi Lee

Nationality: British

Occupation: Yoga teacher & circus performer

Fashion nightmare: "Everyone my age must have had an emo phase...right? Oh, it was terrible."

Celeb style icon: "Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, she's original, and some of the things she wears are just incredible."

Fashion faux pas: "I wear UGG boots pretty much daily. I want to just vomit down myself but they are so comfy."



Name: David Redic

Nationality: American

Occupation: Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Fashion nightmare: "I have dyslexia and sometimes find my shoes on the wrong feet! I always have a good laugh when that happens."

Celeb style icon: "Daveed Diggs. His style is confident, creative, and cool, with a touch of class."

Fashion faux pas: "Chokers. I dislike trends that become 'wardrobe crutches' for developing one's own personal style."



Name: Alice Chen

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Marketing Manager at Elevator, G42 Founder

Fashion nightmare: "In high school, I fell asleep wearing a white shirt. It was very hot out and when I woke up, I had sweated through the shirt and everyone was looking at my bra."

Celeb style icon: "Ninagawa Mika for the way she uses colors and her attitude about fashion."

Fashion faux pas: "Mixing too many random things together without any plan."



Name: Luis Peña

Nationality: American

Occupation: Associate Director, International Admissions, NYU Shanghai

Fashion nightmare: "Do haircuts count? In sixth grade, all the kids were getting mushroom cuts, so naturally I got one, too. Let's just say that was my 'awkward stage'."

Celeb style icon: "Ryan Gosling, whether in a T-shirt or a tux, always keeps it clean, classy, and fresh."

Fashion faux pas: "Seriously, Shanghai, what's with pajamas in public?"



Name: Christina Rateau

Nationality: Haitian-American

Occupation: Student, part-time model

Fashion nightmare: "Back in high school, I used to wear knee-length shorts with weirdly patterned tights underneath. I thought I was so cool."

Celeb style icon: "Willow and Jaden Smith, Erykah Badu and Frida Kahlo. They all have this carefree vibe going on."

Fashion faux pas: "I hate it when someone's foundation doesn't match their skin color."



Name: Amanda Wang

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Fashion PR, stylist, KOL, producer and model

Fashion nightmare: "I was once asked to shoot a street snap for a magazine but the outfit provided was so ugly."

Celeb style icon: "I don't know...Rihanna? I try not to follow other celebrities but stay true to myself."

Fashion faux pas: "So many brands are hyped up these days, like sneakers are selling for much more than the original price."



Name: Elaine Wei

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Body piercer at 413 Tattoo

Fashion nightmare: "Nothing comes to mind. As people grow, their styles naturally evolve. I personally think I've been very stylish since young."

Celeb style icon: "I don't follow celebrities very closely. I respect that everyone has their own style. But I love the outfits Lady Gaga wears when performing."

Fashion faux pas: "As long as they're clean and presentable, I don't mind."



Name: Bernice "Berdy" Kwok

Nationality: Singaporean

Occupation: Student and media intern

Fashion nightmare: "I used to wear those transparent, plasticky bra straps with strapless dresses, but that was ages ago. Let's not talk about it."

Celeb style icon: "Kali Uchis. The kitschy '80s aesthetic of  her music videos is delightful and she nails it with every outfit."

Fashion faux pas: "When people wear fashion from past decades but don't know anything about the era, it's like style with no substance."



Name: Lynn Lin

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Beauty blogger & jewelry designer

Fashion nightmare: "Don't know if this counts, but my nightmare is going out without anu makeup at all."

Celeb style icon: "Olivia Palermo. She's young, sexy, elegant, successful, and always perfectly dressed."

Fashion faux pas: "I hate bell-bottoms, the ones that widen from the knees down."


Text: Ian See & Mayura Jain

Photos: Ransom Wingo


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