I think Pressed, you need to just back off now, yeah? You made your point, it was semi-conceded and semi-rebuffed. You've made a lot of assumptions and a lot of assertions, they were in some cases well made, in others not so. Now is the time to settle for the draw. ... God, listen to me sounding like an adult... well, it is my birthday soon! Are you free for a drink, Faviola?

@jackthelad You sound quite upset. Your response illustrates my point fairly well. One sided reporting. Last time i checked writing an article on City Weekend kind of makes you represent them Jackster. Thats what these blogs are for no? - to get a reactio

@pressedproductions - really? I'm a freelance writer and so I don't speak for City Weekend but really? All your puritanical gripes and rants have been addressed by not only myself originally, Faviola the centerpiece of the article has posted multiple tim

@favioladadis I commend your additional comments as they are important. It is a pity that CW didnt take the lead in this, but what does one expect...
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I do understand the point you are making @pressedproductions, but I still feel that with general sensibility it is possible to overcome many of the dangers associated with working in a nightclub. I can’t tell you how many times I go to a nightclub and get harassed or groped by drunk men, but the difference is that when I am working PR, I have a security guard present to oversee that nothing bad happens to me. Models who work PR at clubs are employees and are treated as such; if we are uncomfortable with a situation, we simply leave. To reiterate, there is a great deal of liability on the hands of the club and PR firm, so every precaution possible is taken to ensure that nothing inappropriate happens. I do want to point out to any club-going young ladies that it is always important to watch your drinks, and to ask for a manager or security guard for help if you feel like you are in any kind of danger. Stay in groups and make sure if you go to the restroom or make a call outside alone, you let someone know where you are going. And do not leave the nightclub with people you don’t know; a situation that seems ok in a group setting can get out of control very quickly when you are no longer in public. Perhaps Sable and I should have stressed that there are dangers associated with working in a nightclub, but let’s face it, we have a fun job. I think the spirit of the article was meant to be fun and I apologize if it was misleading to some. I hope that this clarifies things a bit more.

Some added dangers i feel obliged to point out to young readers...The payer of this service may feel he has the right to do other things whther he has been told to or not. People behave differently under the influence of drugs and alcohol and inhibitions are lost. Some people become more loose when under the influence. Can you control this beahviour even with a university degree, especially if that person feels they have paid for a 'self-perceived' service? Im sorry to say but a PR agency is happy to make money out of this and also cant completely control what happens to you. Imagine the girl is touched inappropriately. How can you stop that? Thats a high risk more dangerous profession.

@Favioladavis Thanks you for your time to write your reply as the article is mostly about you and your friend i believe. My comments are not directed at you but at CW for their poor coverage of this topic. I am sure you are aware of dangers but it would h
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Thanks for taking the time to respond Faviola. This topic has seemed to cause quite a stir. I don't want to open up a whole new can of worms but I feel as though if the article was written about male models it wouldn't have received such harsh criticism. @pressedproductions: I think you should give more credit to our "young female readers".
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First, I would like to comment by stating that I’m very surprised at the amount of controversy/attention this article has stirred up. I can understand that if you are not familiar with the concept of nightclubs paying models to party and host tables, then this could sound misleading to some. In a narrative, it is always hard to capture what is experienced by someone firsthand. I have traveled the world modeling; having now lived in about 10 different countries. In almost every major city I have visited, the top nightclubs pay models to hang out at the club and create a nice atmosphere. Club promoters, VIP Hosts, dancers, and models all play a role in making a venue look good. Let’s not get it twisted guys… it’s a marketing scheme, just like every other flashy part of a “hot nightclub.” And in response to @pressedproductions: “SW is putting two young girls who probably dont know any better in the spotlight”… “Thereby possibly encouraging young girls to partake in something potentially damaging, both mentally and physically.” I am well aware of what I am doing. Like a lot of the other models in Shanghai, my money goes towards my studies and my future. I am a Biochemistry major, and the money I earn through PR work and modeling has paid for my undergraduate studies, and will also pay for medical school. Furthermore, everything is completely above board with the clients—obviously it is a dangerous world and things can happen, but do you really thing the nightclub or PR Firm we work for wants to put us in jeopardy?? And just to set the record straight…our parents are well aware of what we are doing.

@narfweasels: Understand your perspective but my comments are not based on yours or my own interpretations but on what a young female reader may well read into. In my opinion the way the article is written is misleading, whether taking those phrases or th

@pressedproductions: Your quotations, taken in the abstract context you made them are potentially misleading. The rest of the article makes it clear that this kind of thing is generally off-limits with the girls. I read the article and not for a mi

@Narfweasels. I think you you answered your own question. If you can criticize s#itty weekend for poor coverage on Expo then why cant the reader criticize a weak and poor story thats badly covered. The article 'types in bold' a phrase on how much can be e
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@pressedproductions- the women agreed to be interviewed. They are of age. The story is, despite your protestations, actually interesting. Are you suggesting self-censorship?

18yr olds dressing slutty for free drinks? i may never recover.

@Pressedproductions: This industry exists, regardless of any stigma or tragedy attached to it. Everyone in the UK of a certain age knows the story of Lucie Blackman **and yet this industry continues to thrive**. You might well rail at Cityweekend f

@Jackthelad & foodiedave. Ever heard of Lucie Blackman lads? Why dont you post that link to their parents and ask again...As a responsible media outlet you've taken it upon yourself to interview two young girls a

@poofmag - maybeI didn't write it clear enough but it's specifically mentioned that these girls are not prostitutes - in fact they turn those situations down. @pressedproductions - these girls are models, they were completely aware that these photos
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If they haven't told their mothers what they do for a living, then consenting to an interview and photo was pretty dumb. I don't know why you're blaming the writer, though. It's not like this was a hidden camera expose.

Jack, i think their mothers would be so proud to see their photos as a 'NEW STORY' on City Weekend. Well done on your good work Jack!