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News: Your E-Scooter May No Longer Be Street Legal

What you need to know about the new e-bike regulations going into effect

You've likely heard about the incoming regulations for e-bikes on the horizon. Here is what's up with that.


Starting March 1, 2017 all e-bikes on the road must meet the following standards. 


1. Maximum speed cannot exceed 20km/h

2. Maximum weight cannot exceed 40kg

3. Continuous power output generated cannot exceed 240 watts

4. Batteries cannot exceed 48 volts


If you drive one of those chunky Vespa knock-offs, it's highly likely that you're not in compliance with this rule. If this comes as a surprise to you, well, the government would probably tell you that it shouldn't. These new regulations were actually announced back in 2014. But at the time, there were over five million e-bikes on the road that failed to meet these standards. As a result, the authorites authored temporary grandfather clause for those who still owned non-compliant e-bikes. They were granted a temporary license—that little blue hunk of plastic that is attached to the your handlebars—that was valid for three years. Those three years are up on March 1, 2017.


After that date, anybody caught driving an e-bike that doesn't comply to the above standards will be fined RMB50. Then, after March 25, when Shanghai's new 'Road Traffic Management Regulations" officially kicks into gear, the fine will go up to RMB200. Not only that, if youre unable to produce a valid registration, the traffic police reserve the right to confiscate your vehicle. What they do with it after that, who knows? Sell it on the aftermarket in a second-tier city that doesn't have these regulations yet, maybe?


As of now, there is still some confusion on whether owners will be able to extend their temporary licenses. Some netizens have said that they've had no problems renewing licenses for their "illegal" bikes, while others have pointed out that the transitional period was intended to allow enough time to switch to a legal vehicle. Our advice: Check with your local bike application center.


Here is a list bike application centers in Shanghai, courtesy of Shanghai Daily:



Jing'an District: 251 Gonghexin Road 共和新路251号

Changning District: 251 Jinzhong Road 金钟路251号

Yangpu District: 1047 Guohe Road 国和路1047号

Hongkou District: 222 Yutian Road 玉田路222号

Xuhui District: 2138 Longwu Road 龙吴路2138号

Huangpu District: 806 Zhongshan Road (S-1) 中山南一路806号

Putuo District: 125 Fucun Road 府村路125号

Minhang District: 3 Shenbei Road 申北路3号



1920 Longdong Avenue 龙东大道1920号

3131 Gongji Road E. 拱极东路3131号

1969 Luchaogang Road 芦潮港路1969号


The Hinterlands:

Baoshan District: No.8, Lane 239, Taihe Road 泰和路239弄8号

Jiading District: 2599 Jia'an Highway 嘉安公路2599号

Fengxian District: 2142 Huhang Highway 沪杭公路2142号

Songjiang District: 337 Songdong Road 松东路337号

Jinshan District: No.38, Lane 8484, Huhang Highway 沪杭公路8484弄38号

Qingpu District: 6189 Waiqingsong Highway 外青松公路6189号

Chongming District: 901 Gulangyu Road 鼓浪屿路901号



Scooters now regulated in shanghai

Update: 3pm, March 1

Powers that be have employed people to go around town and cart off illegal scooters. Tough luck if you think they'd inform you after. This taken on Jianguo Xi Lu earlier today, March 1. 

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Wansien Lee
Wansien Lee is the Life & Style Editor for City Weekend Shanghai. She's Malaysian by name, but funnily enough has never lived in Malaysia. She likes writing about food and travel, and will probably end up the crazy lady down the street with thirty-seven cats.


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