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With NGO Morning Tears, Morten Bech Jensen Gives Kids a Better Chance at Life

**What exactly is [Morning Tears](http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/listings/community/charities/has/morning-tears/) (MT)?** We are a global NGO that helps children whose parents are in prison or have been executed and children living on the streets. We also raise awareness of the impact that being the kids of incarcerated parents has on them, and help them fight the biases and prejudices that often follow. In China, we run childcare centers and provide the kids with clothing, housing, food, medical supplies, education and psychological care. **Is it temporary housing?** The children live in the centers until they are grown up and can take care of themselves or until / if their parents are released, and it is possible to reunite the families again. But of course, the nature of the crime of the parents is taken into consideration and what would be in the best interest of the child. We follow up on their lives after they leave our centers, so we know how they are doing, what they are doing and let them be good examples to the younger children, who are then able to see that after rain comes sunshine. **How did you get involved?** Back in Denmark, I was studying Chinese language and history. Then on my university’s intranet, I read that MT Shanghai was looking for an intern. When I read about their work, I really felt that they had a cause that I could relate to. So I took a year off from my studies to help MT. **What events do you guys have?** A lot of different ones. We attend bazaars to raise awareness, hold cake sales and art events. On April 29, we are planning a huge fashion show called “Fashion for Compassion”. And we have many more projects in the pipeline–it is going to be a busy year for us! **Tel: 137-7441-1107**


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