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Shanghai's Best Music Blogs

So, you’ve just returned from two months in Thailand or Cambodia or Vietnam or any number of countries that have already deported [Gary Glitter](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Glitter), and the question bound to lead off many of your initial conversations is: “So what did I miss?” Rather than subjecting yourself to jealous retorts of nothingness from those who remained to bask in Shanghai’s lovely summer weather, easy answers are available around the world-wide blogosphere. Local scene aficionado **Jake Newby** writes one of Shanghai’s best music blogs, at [**Kungfuology**](http://www.kungfuology.com/jakenewby/) “The blog format is so straightforward and clear, and I think that makes it really accessible for readers,” he says. Newby recently commandeered the reigns from site founder **Andy Best**, continuing the blog’s honest and comprehensive coverage of the local music scene. Newby cites a **Miniless Records** showcase featuring **Lava|Ox|Sea** (pictured) and **Boojii** as his highlight of the summer season. “I’m just a huge fan of everything (Lava|Ox|Sea) do at the moment ... I reckon their Next Episode: Lord Smart vs. Dr Jin is the record of the year, so far.” While Kungfuology deals mainly with scene news and reviews of live shows, [**ChinaMusic­Radar**](http://www.chinamusicradar.com/) has been on the pulse of industry news, often breaking English-language stories concerning music festivals and foreign acts in China. During summer 2009, CMR offered readers insight into festival culture in China, blogging reviews of Zhangbei’s **InMusic Festival**, as well as tipping readers off about independent record label **Modern Sky**’s plans for its third annual throwdown on October 4-7. A new addition to the local blog circuit, [**VoxRock.cn**](http://www.voxrock.cn/), has been following the much maligned **Pepsi Battle of the Bands**, currently being filmed in Baoshan. Although the bands aren’t particularly sexy and quite limited on talent, the blog offers a light-hearted take on otherwise easy targets. These aren’t the only local blogs making waves (check [**Layabozi.com**](http://www.layabozi.com/) for more news on the jazz scene, [**IndieHeartAttack.com**](http://www.indieheartattack.com/english/) for indie rock, or [**LuwanRock.com**](http://luwanrock.com/) for in-depth equipment analysis), but they will help bring you up to speed on what you’ve been missing.



By: Wansien Lee -

Housing Hunt: What's Available in Shanghai
So what's available on our Housing Section this week? Here's a peek.
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liquid laundry mac and cheese

By: Elysia Bagley -

Shanghai's Top Macaroni and Cheese
We loosen our belts a notch for Shanghai's best versions of the quintessential American comfort food—mac and cheese.  
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sense 8 shanghai restaurant

By: Rachel Gouk -

Check Please: Gourmet Library, The Picnic, Sense 8
In here we spotlight event space and studio kitchen Gourmet Library, unremarkable cafe The Picnic, and the third location of fancy-schmancy Cantonese restaurant Sense 8.
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pudong heqing country park 3

By: Wansien Lee -

News: Pudong is Building a Massive Seaside Country Park
The Heqing Country Park will be located adjacent to Pudong International Airport, and will be roughly the size of 3,500 football fields.
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Good tips- I hadn't seen that LuWan Rock one before
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