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Singles Day: 11 Crazy Deals for 11/11

Take advantage of China's biggest shopping extravaganza of the year


It's that time of the year again. China is gearing up for its biggest annual sales extravaganza in the form of Singles' Day 双十一. It's consumerism at its finest, black Friday for 1.4 billion people with discounts of up to 90 percent. If you're new in town and have no idea what that is, here's a quick explainer.


Navigating the world of Chinese online shopping can be daunting. To save you the trouble, we've compiled some of the biggest, bestest deals on Taobao. You're welcome. Some items require you to pay a deposit upfront (normally RMB100), and in doing so, guarantees you your item. The best deals are still on Singles' Day itself, every 11/11 of the year, leading to a mad dash towards the checkout page at the stroke of midnight.


For those yet to jump on the Alipay and Taobao bandwagon, seriously, do so now. It's life-changing. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use Taobao and how to sign up for Alipay. And for those unwilling to fumble your way through all that Chinese, this is where our friends over at Baopals, the English version of Taobao and Tmall, come in handy. Any Singles' Day discounts you find on Taobao or Tmall is a Singles Day discount available on Baopals. The catch is you'll pay a small service fee for all the translation they're providing.



11 Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Blueair Purifier

Blueair 510B Air Purifier

Originally: RMB7,999 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB4,999
You Save: RMB3,000
Available on Baopals for RMB5,256.95

Good, reliable air purifiers are pricey. Since most of us are here for the short term, it can be a little hard to justify shelling out what feels like a fortune for something that we'll use only for a few years. This is why you wait until Singles' Day to make your move. This model by Blueair is going for a whopping RMB3,000 off; that's an almost 40% discount. It's by a highly respected brand, offered via their official TMall platform (so you don't need to worry about it being a counterfeit), and it's good for places up to 60sqm. Note: Blueair 510B regular particle filters are RMB596 for a package of three, upgraded SmokeStop filters are RMB898 for a package of three.


Haier ZKJ-F15A1 Mini Air Purifier

Originally: RMB899 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB499
You Save: RMB400
Available on Baopals at RMB531.95

This mini air purifier from Haier is great as a top-up option for larger living areas in your house, or for extra peace of mind in the bedroom or nursery. It's the size of a vase, has a built-in night light, and is good for up to 10sqm. Replacement filters are RMB99 per piece.


Singles' Day Deal - Bang & Olufsen Beoplay bluetooth speakers

BANG & OLUFSEN BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Speakers

Originally: RMB 2,988 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB1,998
You Save: RMB990
Available on Baopals for RMB2,105.90

Shuang Shiyi is the best time to shop for electronics.  You can easily get hundreds of kuai off otherwise insanely expensive brands. Take this BANG & OLUFSEN bluetooth speaker, at (a pretty painful) RMB2,988 on normal days, you're eligible to a RMB990 discount on Singles' Day; that's almost 1/3 off the list price.


Crazy singles' day deal - harman kardon one bluetooth speakers

harman / kardon one Bluetooth Speakers

Originally: RMB999 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB666
You Save: RMB333
Available on Baopals for RMB707.30

And if the BANG & OLUFSEN speaker is way over your budget, this one by harman / kardon is a little more affordable and an equally good brand.


Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Philips True Wireless In-ear Bluetooth headphones

Philips SHB4385 Bass+ True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Originally: RMB1,999 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB699
You Save: RMB1,300
Available on Baopals for RMB741.95

If you've been holding off getting a pair of AirPods (because why would you spend RMB1,288 on something that looks like half-bitten antennas), you'll be pleased to learn that Philips is slashing RMB1,300 off their Bass+ wireless in-ear headphones. That's only RMB699, half the price of a pair of AirPods, and they look twice as cool.


Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Roomba and Braava

iRobot Roomba 690 & Braava 380

Originally: RMB5,300 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB3,499
You Save: RMB1,801
Available on Baopals for RMB3,681.95

If you don't have an ayi, this is going to be your new best friend. It's a two-part set, you get a Roomba 690 and a Braava 380—the former vacuums while the latter mops your floors. These machines are pretty smart, they can sense dead corners and walls and readjust their path to avoid them, and once they're done cleaning, they automatically roll back to their home base. Now you won't need to expand any effort for a squeaky clean home.


Philips HX661 Sonicare Electronic Toothbrush Set of 2

Originally: RMB1,488 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB799
You Save: RMB689
Available on Baopals for RMB846.95

Philips' HX661 electronic toothbrush comes in a set of two, one pink and one blue. There are three strength settings and are automatically set on a two-minute timer, but you can obviously stop it whenever you want.




11 Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Luminarc glass containers

Luminarc PURE BOX Active Containers Set of 12

Originally: RMB898 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB299
You Save: RMB599
Available on Baopals for RMB321.95

There's no such thing as too many kitchen containers, and this set of clip-lock glass ones by Luminarc is one of the best deal you'll find on this list. The PURE BOX Active series is dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-friendly with slide-off steam vents on the lids, removable rubber strips. They're leak-proof, too.  And this set of 12 is going for almost 70% off.


11 Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Le Creuset 24cm Set

LE CREUSET 24CM Casserole Pan & 16CM Milk Pan

Originally: RMB5,264 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB2,588
You Save: RMB2,676
Available on Baopals at RMB2,725.40

If you've always wanted to splurge on some LE CREUSETs, now's as good a time as any. This two-piece set—a 24cm casserole pan and 16cm milk pan in one of their most popular colors cherry red—is 50% off.


11 Crazy Singles' Day Deal - Zwilling J.A.Henckels Twin Style knives

ZWILLING J.A.HENCKELS TWIN STYLE 5-Knife Set W/ Scissors & Honing Steel

Originally: RMB2,414 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB898
You Save: RMB1,516
Available on Baopals at RMB950.90

This five-piece knife set from German brand ZWILLING J.A.Henckels includes a cleaver and a wooden knife block, and comes with a pair of multi-purpose kitchen scissors and their 9" honing steel.


Other Stuff

11 Crazy Singles' Day Deal - American Tourister luggage

American Tourister 30" Belfast in Black

Originally: RMB798 | Singles' Day Deal: RMB299
You Save: RMB499
Available on Baopals for RMB384.95

American Tourister is doing crazy slash-off(s) on most of their luggages. They work on a first-come-first-serve basis though, so park yourself in front of your computer and get ready for a mad rush when the clock strikes 12am. This 30" black Belfast from their 2015 Fall collection will be available for close to 40% off, and if you don't like the look of this, there are plenty of other sizes and styles to choose from on their official Tmall page.


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