Johnson & Johnson is the only brand which we known as producing best baby products from years. From childhood we used to hear about this brand; every time we can get good choice on products and positive reviews by using. Here in this article we have found multiple baby products (Johnson & Johnson) reviews; from years it is the trusted brand millions of parents are having their faith on this brand.

I know that you are trying to be the best mom you can be, but I think that your "silly" rule is, frankly, just that. As you note, the labs indicate that these products are problem free and yet you go in search of other replacement products which have not been subject to the same rigorous scrutiny. Having worked for a big multinational consumer products corporation and I will attest to the fact that in this day and age that there is NO tolerance for any type of consumer risk.... which probably goes double for a company with the stellar medical reputation of Johnson and Johnson. Do a brand manager a favor and give them an opportunity to win your and your readers confidence back. Thanks!
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There is also a great home delivery place/catalogue. They only speak Chinese so you need to ask your ayi to call and get a catalogue. The website is and the phone number is 962513. They have tons of stuff. The best part is they can deliver diapers to you home. With two babies, I go through so many.

Dear Chloe, you'll find those products in the OMEY shop in the basement of [Raffles City]( Plaza on Xi Zang Zhong Lu.

I''ve just moved to shanghai couple of weeks ago, and am having hard time finding good products for my 3yrs old and 8 months old such as shampoo, lotion, and imported baby food items; do you know any shop or area that is more likely to have these things found? and where is Mustela shop in PuXi ?
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Good to know. I think the Mustela mosquito repellent is very good for babies too.

Hi - I've just found a big range of Mustela products in OMEY a shop in the basement of Raffles City Plaza on Xi Zang Zhong Lu.
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They sell Mustela at Carrefour. Also, there is a big grocery store in the basement of Grand Gateway in Xujiahui. Along the side of the grocery store are many small shops. One of them sells lots of Mustela products.

Hi - I love the smell of Mustela. Have you found it in Shanghai or imported it yourself?
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More likely blackmailed into writing great reports for every product. :)

Wouldn't it be great if some enterprising person set up a simple INDEPENDENT analytical chem lab in Shanghai equipped to do basic analyses for toxic chemicals? You'd be a billionaire in a month. Or offed by the local toxic chemical mafia.