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Vapor Worldwide Opens Second Location on Maoming Bei Lu

Owner Eric Frit talks about new store, Shanghai smoking ban

E-cigarette shop Vapor Worldwide (formerly Vapor Vapor Vapor) is opening their second location on Maoming Bei Lu and they're throwing a bash at the store's grand opening this Saturday March 18. To celebrate, they're giving away a free bottle of premium US made juice to everyone at the party and there will be a lucky draw as well for a chance to win some box mods, subtanks and large bottles of premium USA liquids.


We had a quick chat with Eric Frit, owner of Vapor Worldwide ahead of the big event where he speaks of his shop, and how the new Shanghai indoor smoking ban might affect the vaping culture in the city.



City Weekend: Tell us about Vapor Worldwide. How long have you guys been around now?

Eric Frit: We are a US company with vapor stores in Washington DC, and now two stores in Shanghai. We've been around for about 3 years, and here in Shanghai for one and a half years. We sell authentic e-liquids imported from the US and customers can sample all 75 flavors before they buy. We wholesale them across China and Asia too.


CW: What are some of the popular flavors?

EF: Desert Sun which is a lemon candy flavor, Dragon's Milk from Texas, Naked 100 flavors from California, Barista Coffee flavors from Michigan, Smurf from Colorado to name a few. Tastes range from tobacco to fruit to mint to cakes, creams, desserts and coffee flavors.


CW: Are the e-cigs and liquid sold seperately? What are the price range for both at Vapor Worldwide?

EF: We sell starter kits by themselves or in a package with juice (vape liquid). So starter kits start at around RMB200. Then with juice about RMB300. We sell complete packages from RMB666 to RMB1299. The complete packages include a mod, mod battery, a subtank, and a 30ml bottle of juice.


Vaping in Shanghai
photo: Phil Johnson


CW: Do you think e-cigs will gain more popularity in Shanghai now that smoking in public spaces is banned?

EF: Yes it will. Chinese people and foreigners of all ages are vaping to quit smoking real cigarettes, and it works for a lot of people to stop smoking. It is 98% safer than smoking real tobacco cigarettes, and secondhand vapor is not dangerous like secondhand smoke. For example, the average tobacco cigarette has 3000 chemicals, vapor liquids have 3 ingredients.


CW: In your experience before the smoking ban, is vaping indoors allowed in non-smoking venues?

EF: Technically, vaping is allowed. However many restaurants are not allowing vaping or smoking. There is some confusion around this question, but the law specifically bans tobacco smoking indoors [and does not mention e-cigarettes]. There are a number of bars in Shanghai that call themselves "vapor friendly" and allow vaping but not cigarettes. The USA included vaping to the indoor smoking ban after two years.


CW: Which bars in Shanghai do you know are vapor friendly?

EF: There's quite a few out there, but I don't know if they want to publicly announce it. It's to avoid confusion regarding the smoking ban.


CW: Any plans to open your own vaping var?

EF: We will sell beers in the new location and have a lounge area upstairs, but it won't be a true bar for now.



What: Vapor Worldwide 2nd Store Grand Opening

Where: Vapor Worldwide > Maoming Bei Lu

When: Sat Mar. 18, 5pm



Editor's note: The debate on whether or not e-cigarettes are better or worse than conventional cigarettes is an ongoing, heated one. Scientific studies have reached opposing conclusions. Our readers are advised to conduct their own research or consult a qualified health professional regarding the risks or benefits related to vaping.




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