You clearly know nothing about fashion narsf. Dumpster-wear is really hot right now. And I don't just mean the effects of composting.

On this particular issue, Monkey, I gratefully and wholeheartedly cherish my ignorance.

People, this does not bode well. These are not good tidings. Everyone one of these "looks" are derivative and uninspiring. If fashion is the last refuge from boredom then this writer is telling us that we are in for a relentlessly long dull summer.

I have to agree with narsf... This article should be re-titled 'How to waste your months wage AND look like obnoxious (I'm about to drink a coca-cola *not the drink*) trash' or, more plainly, 'Hipsters Anonymous'..

What to Wear This Spring and Summer - By A Bunch Of People Who Found The Crap They Are Wearing Behind A Dumpster But Want You To Think They Are Doing You A Favour By Deigning To "Advise" You. 1500 RMB Slippers? You must be stupider than you look. Which to be honest, is extremely difficult, because you look really, really, colossally stupid.