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Where To Shop For Art Supplies in Shanghai

Shopping for all things arts and crafts in Shanghai


While it’s easier than ever in this day and age to jump onto Taobao and buy anything at the click of a button, every true artist knows that getting a feel for the materials, touching texture of brush bristles or playing with paints first-hand is still an essential part of mastering the art, of well, art. 


"Art Street" starts at the intersection of Fuzhou Lu and Henan Lu. It's the ultimate go-to boulevard to shop for art supplies in Shanghai, and they have everything for professionals and hobbiyists alike. 


What Can You Find?

Here, you can find paint brushes in all different types and sizes, a range of different colored oils and acrylic paints including brands like Marie’s, Faber Castell, Rembrandt, and more.


There is even linseed oil, glazes, and varnishes for around RMB40 a bottle and wooden easels over RMB100.


Of course, there are canvases of all shapes and sizes, and some stores will even custom make a size to suit your needs. For those feeling inspired and wanting to try their hand at Chinese calligraphy or watercolor painting, there is also plenty of calligraphy equipment available.


Since there’s an overwhelming number of stores, we’ve helped narrow it down to a list of Fuzhou Lu’s finest:

Baixin Bookstore and Stationery 

Address: 364 Fuzhou Lu (near Shanxi Nan Lu) 福州路364号 (山西南路)
Hours: 9:30am-9pm
Tel: 6352-5676

Out of all stores along Fuzhou Lu, Baixin is perhaps the sophisticated place we’ve seen to shop for art supplies in Shanghai. It’s modern, well organized and anything but chaotic. The storefront is a café, all art equipment is at the back, and there’s even a kids workshop corner. Though their art supplies section is limited, Baixin stocks select high quality brands and materials. Baixin is mainly a bookstore but also great for buying gifts like hand-painted Chinese fans, also selling blank canvas ones you can creatively customize yourself.


Shanghai Art Equipment Center 上海美术用品商店

Address: 402 Fuzhou Lu (near Zhejiang Zhong Lu) 福州路402号 (近浙江中路)
Hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm
Tel: 6352-5676

It may look like a quaint, cramped storehouse but 402 is a chamber for anything you could want. You can find easels for just RMB100, 150ml tubes of Marie’s paint for RMB8, and calligraphy brushes under RMB30. The store also stocks higher quality paint brands like Rembrandt, selling small tubes from RMB50 and paint brush sets for around RMB50.


Shanghai Jinni Arts and Stationary Store 金泥美术

Address: 480 Fuzhou Lu (near Fujian Lu) 福州路480号 (近福建路)
Hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-8:30pm
Tel: 6360-6185 

Open since 1995, this store sells an array of high quality imported products at reasonable price points. Jinni is our favourite pick on Fuzhou. Shoppers can book custom-made canvases and choose the color and material of canvas in advance or the shifu can also make them on the spot for you. A small-sized, grey colored canvas will cost you RMB70 and RMB100 for the larger size. Jinni has returning English-speaking customers and helpful staff. But note that they’ll be moving to a new location after the New Year in February down the road to 170 Henan Zhong Lu (near Fuzhou Lu).



Shanghai Culture Commercial Centre  

Address: 355 Fuzhou Lu (near Henan Lu) 福州路355号 (近河南路)
Hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-5:30pm 

It looks like a corporate office building from the outside, this store is a four floors of art supplies with a maze of different stalls selling art books, crafts for kids, and office supplies at affordable prices. You can even try bargaining with the owners at each stall and pick up an even better deal. SCCC is more your one-stop arts and crafts Costco, with absolutely everything you need in one place.


You can also venture out to Moganshan Lu or Tianzifang to find more locations of art supply shops in Shanghai. But really, you'll find everything you need on Fuzhou Lu. There, or at the Marie art shop in Jing'an:

Marie’s Art Shop 

Address: 850 Xikang Lu (near Changping Lu) 西康路850号 (近昌平路)
Hours: Mon-Sun, 8:30am-6.30pm 
Tel: 6276-4859 

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