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WIN: One Night at Cordis Shanghai Hongqiao

Worth RMB3,400

Cordis is the newest brand from Langham Hospitality Group, and Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao is the first of its kind in the Chinese Mainland.


Win this prize and you'll get to experience this brand-new hotel with a one-night stay in one of Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao's luxurious Club Rooms. A stay in a Club Room entitles you to a variety of exclusive services and amenities. You'll get to take advantage of their personalized check-in service, complimentary drinks and canapes in the Cordis Club Lounge, daily breakfast, afternoon tea, high-speed internet as well as a hotel-wide state-of-the-art air filtration system to make sure you can breathe easy.


This voucher is valued at RMB3400 and valid for use until January 31, 2018.


How to Win:

To win, all you have to do is answer this question: Where was your most memorable holiday and why? Leave your answer in the comments section below. We will pick a winner shortly and contact them via email.


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My most memorable holiday was when in travelled in eastern European cities; Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. Beginning in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin, where I took a tour of the most famous sights, including Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. Crossing the border into Poland, I visited Warsaw, where I joined a guided tour of this gem of a city. In Krakow I saw the famous old town and Wawel Castle and while in Poland I also pay a moving remembrance visit to Auschwitz. My holiday came to an end in the ‘Golden Town’ of Prague, where I took a tour of the splendid architecture of the many historic buildings. This truly was a memorable holiday.


My most memorable holiday was when I went to Machu Picchu in Peru! My boyfriend and I woke up at 3am to climb to the top on time for sunrise and had an incredible morning and afternoon exploring the mystical Inca ruins. It was one of the most stunning places I have had the privilege to see! We casually climbed back down and thought that we would have time to have a nice relaxing lunch before catching he train back into town. Unbeknownst to us the terrible tourist town at the base of Machu Picchu called Aguascalientes's sells less train tickets leaving the town than it does going to the town. We were told there weren't any tickets left for trains leaving town for the next two days! We had a flight departing the next day so this wasn't possible! I had previously read that you could hike to an electric damn and catch a bus back from there, and we were invigorated by our morning at Machu Picchu so we decided to give it a go. However after walking for a few hours and arriving at the damn we were told there weren't any buses let alone roads! The workers were all very resistant to the idea of us hiking to the Ollataytambo the point where we had departed towards mach Picchu, but we did not want to spend another night in Aguascalientes and thought it wouldn't be too bad! Mind you we didn't have any supplies or provisions and had only split a granola bar and Red Bull at 4am that morning. With one bike headlamp and a bottle of water between us we set off to follow the train tracks through pitch black tunnels where we never knew If a train was coming through or not, so through each tunnel we just sprinted as fast as we could, to crossing bridges with no hand rails with only tracks with huge gaps between the boards under which was a raging rock strewn river, to having to scare off a pack of aggressive wild dogs using tree branches! We only encountered two other people throughout the entire 30 km hike!! both people also found us to be completely insane and advised that we head back towards Machu Picchu immediately. After walking all day into the night we had a particularly precarious encounter with a train, for some reason this train did not blow its horn or make any noise and we had been walking on the tracks as the rocks really hurt our feet, we didn't even realize the train was coming and my boyfriend pushed me off at the last minute where we were stuck clutching a cacti strewn cliff literally one foot away from the train rushing past us. A couple hours or more later we stumbled upon a tiny village and paid an exhorbitant amount to sleep above a dirt floor convenient shack, where we guzzled up his stale coke and rock hard snickers the only things for sale and passed out immediately under his tin roof. When we awoke unbeknownst to us there were 9 other locals sleeping on the ground next to us waking up as well.! This was the time we inadvertently hiked the Inca Trail! It was grueling but the most incredible experience of my life!


Jeju Island. Traveling there with my then girlfriend was an amazing adventure. Both firs timers to go there, the local Koreans speak barely no English or Chinese. It was a small island you can go around by bus in 3 hours. Beautiful scenery, nice white beaches, interesting museums, great tasting Korean food and most of all courteous and honest people.k The Whole island is not only picture perfect, it is clean, very safe and well organized.. Stayed in a bed and breakfast outside of the main city near a small fishing village living like a local. The people were more thanl willing to help you out if you need help. With just the city map from the airport, was able to enjoy the sights, the sounds and the taste of the whole island of Jeju without uttering a word of korean. Truly an amazing and memorable holiday.


My most memorable holiday was in Turkey. I went with my then friend and it was amazing. We spent Christmas morning in a hot air balloon for one of the most amazing things I have ever done. But, the best part was that we started dating right after that trip. Two years later and I couldn’t be happier.


Most memorable was in Tagaytay, Philippines before my wedding. It was serene and romantic. Just me and my hubby thinking that tomorrow would be the sweetest day of our lives.. We will never forget that!


My most memorable holiday was at Sanya, China because I had not had a holiday for many years and this one to Sanya was with my brother and cousin who I never travelled with before. The week in Sanya allowed me to get closer to my brother and cousin. It was also memorable for the amazing food of Hainan chicken, coconut fried rice, and local coffee, all which I have never tasted anything comparable. Sanya has my favorite kind of weather - cool and warm. It was the best holiday I had away from the Shanghai busy and polluted city.

Jayson Channil

My most memorable vacation was this year in Hongkong.For a myriad of people,HongKong is an underneath city.HK,you may call it an urban jungle,a culutural melting pot or simply one of the most expensive places to live in the world .But I like exploring HK ,peeling back the skin of this underneath city. And I find the culture and social values.A newspaper with a cup of tea with two dim sum dishes.How relaxed method to spend the whole morning. Take the red minibus,a kind of flexible shared taxi ,with passengers allowed to hop on and off anywhere.It offers a fast and convenient carriage at a low price.When it refers to skycrapers .HK has double the number in New York.HK is such a sophisticated fusion of EAST and WEST.


My most memorable vacation was this year in Boracay, Phillipnes, when my at-the-time-5-months-old baby came to see the sea and touch the sand for the first time. It was so amazing to see her face experiencing something so new and nice!

Nthabiseng tsoeu

My most memorable holiday was when I visited the Tianmen skywalk with my friends, it was truly a heart wrenching experience being 4,700 ft up high with nothing but glass beneath my feet and a forest that stretches far beyond my vision. My heart was beating fast beyond believe partly because of my friends screaming with the mere thought of the glass shattering. Overall it was a fantastic and a belly rumbling experience and a memory worth a thousand.
dizon211's picture


My most memorable holiday was back in February 2015 in Cebu, Philippines. My then boyfriend and now fiance spent our first year anniversary over there, at the Bluewater Maribago Resort. It was the most romantic holiday I've ever had, and because Cebu is really special to us, we decided to invite our closest friends and family back there for our destination wedding in February 2018. With the stress of destination wedding planning, it would be lovely to treat ourselves before we go completely broke for the wedding haha. But all jokes aside, it would be really nice to have a little hotel getaway, since we haven't traveled together/stayed in a hotel together in a long time.


My most memorable would be going back home for a vacation. Nothing beat seeing your family again after one year of Being away


My most memorable holiday was last month in Shanghai itself. My in laws made their maiden international trip, and were smitten with Shanghai. With them around and my 3 yr kid, it wad a blast everyday.. From disneyland to yuyuan garden, we visited a new place and tried new food everyday! It was a real long holiday with family, what else can one ask for! Havent seen my inlaws sooo happy ever!!


My most memorable holiday was when I went to South Korea with my entire family, including my grandpa. That’s about 20 of us! Grandpa barely had a chance to travel in his younger days and when he was 75, we took him to South Korea which he told us was one of the best holidays of his life. It was a 10-day trip and we went skiing, ate (a lot!), laughed and created so many beautiful memories together as a family. Grandpa’s in heaven now and for me, I’m so happy that we managed to go on such a memorable and wonderful holiday with him before he passed on. I always believe the most memorable ones are always the ones spent with family.


My most memorable holidays was Paris. I went with my family for Christmas a few years ago, we stayed in a magic hotel Plaza Athenee just a few steps away from the famous Champs Elysee. The atmosphere in Paris around Christmas was magical, the city of lights and the city of love has an undescrivible touch of poetry during the holidays.


Most memorable holiday would be New Zealand !! Beautiful scenery . Picture perfect !! I still remember how the view along our drive were picturesque as if looking at scenery postcard. Our accommodation also unique, nice and clean. It was one of our memorable holiday for sure !!


My most memorable holiday was in Japan, because I got to visit a maid cafe and then read some comic books and then eat some noodles and then get drunk with businesspeople


My most memorable holiday was a one-week surfing trip I did with my mom. Ever the adventurer, she's coming to Shanghai in January...I'd love to put her up at the Cordis during her time here!
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My most memorable hotel stay has to be the Pan Pacific Resort in Bali, Indonesia. My wife and I honeymooned there and was so impressed by the view and staff, that we really were quite comfortable not leaving the resort. Between the golf course, surf, and amazing resort staff, we never felt guilty about not venturing into town or the beaches much. When we are both busy now in Shanghai with jobs and family, that resort will always be one of those memories that helps us get centered again.
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