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WIN: Two Spa Packages at Subconscious Day Spa

Double the treat

Looking for a respite from Shanghai’s unforgiving summer heat? A spa package worth RMB1,158 to pamper yourself with doesn’t sound half bad.


This prize comes courtesy of Subconscious Day Spa, an eco-conscious brand known for their massages and carefully curated, organic, non-toxic products. The package features a 90-minute oil massage based on the traditional Chinese 12 Meridians technique, which aims to balance your energies and reinvigorate your spirit by improving the vitality of your organs. You’ll also walk away with two bottles of their 12 Meridians Essential Oils priced at RMB280 per 10ml bottle.


Subconscious Day Spa will be giving away two of these packages, valid for use until September 30 across all their Puxi branches. To nab yourself one of these, simply answer the following question:


Tell us about the funniest or most awkward massage you've had in Shanghai.


Leave your reply in the comments section below. We'll pick our two favorite answers and contact the winners via email.



Where: Subconscious Day Spa, 458 Dagu Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu) 大沽路458号 (近石门一路)

Tel: 6327-1193


Where: Subconscious Day Spa, 183 Fumin Lu (near Changle Lu) 富民路183号 (近长乐路)

Tel: 6415-0636


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Awe man! I'm too late! Oh well, it was a story worth sharing.


Soon after moving to Shanghai, my teenage daughter and I treated ourselves to the massage you get for about 50 rmb and the chains that do the shoulder, back and foot soak/massage. I still don't know what they're called. We, knowing no Chinese yet, happily pointed to which one we each wanted on the menu and patiently waiting for clues as to what was expected of us. I tell ya, sign language is universal! So we're soaking and relaxing and getting our shoulders and neck and back worked on. All is fine and good. I really liked the range of motion and steching stuff they did. Then comes the motioning to turn around and put our feet up. Ok, got it. Feet get dried off and then they bring out these BLADES! What. The. Heck. What is that for!?!? Ha ha. You should've seen the wide eyed look we gave each other! Did I have to pay for my massage with my small toe? I didn't know because I couldn't ask! And then, as I winced and could barely peek through shut eyes to see what would happen next, trusting that what was about to happen must be normal, and then, the shaving started. Never in my life have I had the skin shaved off my feet. It was so cool! It was just so unexpected but now I've grown to appreciate it. And my feet appreciate it too! What a crazy experience! I love Shanghai.


A recent full body aroma oil massage gave me more then I bargained for. I got a quick tour of the back and was then asked to turn around. after a bit of belly massage the male masseur moved down and started to very intensely massage my ovaries. I was confused but figured this must be part of the full body Chinese experience so decided to sit it through and not complain. What i did not foresee was that this was going to last for half of my 1 hour massage, and he kept on going lower. when after 30 mins he was still putting all efforts in as he reached the top of my pubic hair I lost it and told him to stop. He said "why? pain?" and I was baffled. When the massage ended I wanted to complain at the reception but he stood there with a big smile and I felt too ashamed. It's was uncomfortable and embarrassing and I've never been back since. And I tell you what - if I win this please book me a female masseuse.


Blind massage! A very unique experience, and definitely not for everyone... You can feel the masseuse navigating their way around your muscles with their hands, seeking out the tension and knots. A little too intimate to start with but quite an experience once you can let go.


I'm a teacher so I have more than a few stories of awkward encounters. One of my students this week has been particularly affectionate. He is three and about as cute as they come. Every time I sit down in a chair he comes up to me and puts his hand on my back and rubs it. At the same time he looks me in the eye and starts speaking in very soothing tones. He is speaking in Chinese so I have no idea what he is telling me, but he is very intent on telling it to me. That is one smooth three year old. He's got more game than most grown men I know.


The most awkward massage I had in Shanghai was at local hair salon. You may be aware that local salon has its own way of service. Staff wash your hair while you sit up at a chair. They pour shampoo directly to your dry hair and play with bubble at top of your head. Also, they offer 10-15mins complimentary massage to your neck, shoulder, arm and hands. One day, I was served by young girl who was apparently new to a job. She tapped my shoulder like playing piano and squeezed my fatty arm. When she came down to my hands, she grabbed my hands and started to push my palm with her both thumb. As a finish, she took a lock of her long hair and brushed my palm! Still now, I have no idea if it is a traditional Chinese massage or not, but I never had similar massage in other place.
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Asian massage is one of my favorite forms of massage and I was really looking forward to it after a 19-hour flight from Los Angeles to Indonesia. I will never forget the two hours of misery I endured in at the hands of an inexperienced massage therapist with the WORST body odor ever. I think I broke a record in holding my breath! I was so focused on finding creative ways to bury my nose in the pillow without passing out that I barely noticed the bodywork. All I did notice was the wall clock that couldn't tick fast enough."
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