A photo session with someone who's used to being behind the camera was, well, just about pictureperfect. Every outfit that Ukachi modeled for us showcased his artistic eye for detail and a creative personality–just look at those Wellies!

"I bought them from one of those hardware-esque stores on every street in Shanghai," Ukachi shares. "It was the best 20 kuai I've spent!" They come in handy too, he adds, rather cheekily, when other people are avoiding the puddles that you're jumping in with both feet.

While he's not splashing around the alleyways of our city, this self-proclaimed "pretty frugal shopper" is scouting other cheap (but fantastic) purchases. The tie that he is wearing was found at "some cheap market," the "vest" is really a reincarnation of a t-shirt he found in a vintage shop in New York City and the colorful umbrella came courtesy of a street vendor outside of the Changshu Lu subway station.

"I lose the umbrella every time it rains, and then buy the exact same one," he says, because he likes the idea of having a colorful umbrella on a dreary rainy day. On other days and nights you can catch him hanging out in dark corners where one can find good music and cheap drinks (I'm talking about The Shelter here), though there are instances of splurging once in a while, like on these jeans, bought at GUESS, that he received from his girlfriend as a birthday gift.

Despite this, though, Ukachi stresses that style doesn't have to come at a price. "Style is about creativity and individual expression," he says. "You can be stylish for 200 kuai. I appreciate what clothes can say about people, how you view yourself, and how you want to be seen."

Fashionista by Emily Chu
Photographer: Mao Dou
Studio: Ringier Studio