If you’re looking for a cheap bowlful of noodles and assorted snacks that will transport you straight to Kowloon, head to Jimi Kee Noodles. Set in an open, easy spot, they offer a variety of noodles in an authentic Cantonese soup base made with pork bones, whole chicken, daikon radish and salty little dried shrimp.

On our visit, the pho noodles (RMB6) were just okay; we prefer the thin and chewy (RMB6) youmian noodles. There are several garnishes to pick from and you pay separately for each, but we liked our vegetable choices to the meat. The chicken sausage (RMB6), for example, is a poultry-based processed hot dog and the squid (RMB9) is a bit dodgy. On the other hand, the jielan (芥兰), chives and straw mushrooms (all RMB6 each) were all cooked properly and we especially appreciated the thin young stalks of jielan we were served.

Other snacks are dainty and oh so tasty. The radish cake has a creamy texture with a golden brown crusty shell and the stuffed green peppers house a filling chock-full of porky goodness. They also do a fresh sugar cane juice (RMB10) and chrysanthemum tea (RMB10); both are quite good. Too bad they can’t stay open later than 9pm, because this is exactly what we’d like to eat after a long night of bar hopping.

148 Shaanxi Nan Lu 陕西南路148号


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