Now that it looks like the warmer weather is here to stay, it's time for a wardrobe update. This season we asked for a bit of help from four of Shanghai's most fashionable folks to show us what's trending. Meet Timothy Parent (the fashion blogger), Ciga Zhou (the stylist), Roy Zhang (the photographer) and Celia Bernardo (the fashion designer) and start updating your look.

Timothy Parent: The Fashion Blogger

Years back, this inimitable blogger sparked controversy and challenged the definition of style through his blog, “Chinese People Have No Style”. He then garnered a cult following among like-minded fashion enthusiasts. His musings are taken a notch higher with a soon-to-be-published book on fashion and style, and how these concepts manifest in China. His fashion philosophy that transcends any season and trends? Wear whatever you want. Check out his spring fashion tips and musings below.

I hate trends!

I’m obsessed with androgynous clothing. I love blurring gender lines and conventional boundaries.

Burberry on Burberry on Louis Vuitton. It makes me nauseous.

Flip your blazer inside out, as they usually have nice linings that are more interesting than the outside.

Men, stock Cha Gang, Ziggy Chen, Xander Zhou, May J, S2VS; and women, fill your wardrobe with Ricostru, Uma Wang, Chictopia, Vega Wang and Content.

My inspiration comes from nature primarily, but I also like the everyday and mundane.

I love Susie Bubble! And I think Bill Cunningham is the best.


Timothy’s Top Picks this Spring

1. Charles Philip Shanghai loafers (RMB1,450)

2. Printed silk scarf (RMB20) - we found one similar on Taobao

3. CHairEYES sunnies (RMB1,390)



Ciga Zhou: The Stylist

Driven by her love of fashion, Ciga Zhou picked up fashion styling (for and blogging. Check out her blog 1 Dollar Cocktail where she talks about what inspires her, from music to fashion. Check out her spring fashion tips and musings below.

Punk / grunge has always been my favorite style. These couple of weeks, I’ve been wearing an oversized denim boyfriend jacket with rips and a bit of a ’90s touch. When the weather turns warmer, I’ll put my ripped boyfriend jeans on, and wear a lot of graphic T-shirts and tank tops.

Invest in hair accessories, flat shoes and jewelry.

Loosen it up a little bit. Try less to be sexy, only add a little feminine touch on the details.

Shanghai girls are getting edgier, with a strong identity. It used to be more Japanese-style a few years ago, but now I see more European influence on their personal style.

I get inspired by every little thing, from street fashion, home design, music to art.

I wish I could always be dressed like a punk little boy who rocks the stage like he doesn’t care.

I never forget to check fashion blogs like Nasty Gal, Man Repeller, Facehunter, Jak & Jil, Honestly WTF, and The Sartorialist.

Ciga’s Top Picks this Spring

1. ASOS oversized denim boyfriend jacket (RMB460)

2. Aldo printed pumps (RMB511)

3. Body chain (RMB23) - we found one similar on Taobao


Roy Zhang: The Photographer

Always on the road, shooting what’s fashionable on the streets of Shanghai, Roy Zhang is one hard lad to track. He’s a believer that having great shoes is tantamount to having good taste. Here, we did a role reversal, making him pose for the camera. Learn a thing or two on style by following him at Shanghai Express. Check out his spring fashion tips and musings below.

I love casual style, so I’ll invest in some denim pieces, like washed jeans and denim T-shirts this season.

Camo tees and shirts.

I find Jardin Majorelle a very cool and fresh brand for women.

Wear vintage shoes or sunglasses to update your look.

In my opinion, Shanghai style is modern, delicate and has a lot of diversity.

There are too many “fake luxury looks” and they put too many fashion trends on.

I take my inspiration from the street and the runway. I want to show the world what people wear in Shanghai.

High-quality shoes, they can show a person’s good taste.

I will be checking out Nicole Zhang. It is a fresh brand with gorgeous pieces.

I like The Sartorialist.

Roy’s Top Picks this Spring

1. Tote by Luciashungry (Price TBD)

2. Cayler & Sons cap (RMB258)

3. Vans by Kiroic (Price TBD)


Celia Bernardo: The Fashion Designer

Fashion designer Celia Bernardo ( has been rocking Shanghai with her colorful handcrafted wares of knitted pouches, patchwork dresses, and printed tops. Trust that she brings the same zest to her latest collection for Spring / Summer, made from a myriad of special textiles from India. Check out her top looks and fashion picks for this season.

This spring and summer I’ll be wearing lots of prints, colors, bustiers, ruffles, crochet bikinis, plastic sandals, big earrings and Afro hair. Those are my basics almost every summer. Check out her spring fashion tips and musings below.

Wardrobe essentials: Stock up on local brands like Helen Lee, Campaign, ZugZug this season. I also brought in a huge pile of gorgeous textiles from India and turned them into amazing jackets, dresses and bags.

Styling tricks: Lately I’m obsessed with Lycra bodysuits (think ’80s Jane Fonda) and bra bustiers, they are the perfect match for volume skirts, ruffles and shorts.

Shanghainese style: The best Shanghainese style comes from the elders. I love grandma perms and colored hair, the mix and match of patterns that they wear and the handmade knitwear, especially when they dance in parks!

Fashion faux pas: I like individual style, especially if it means out of trends or rules.

Fashion cues: I take my fashion cues from everywhere: from the subway in Shanghai to the desert of Rajasthan in India. I gather ideas, inspirations, images, cues from wherever I am or whatever I do. Life is full of inspiration.

I love shoes! Accessories can really make the difference.

I love Sonia Rykiel, Frida Kalho, Jane Birkin and all the female characters in Almodovar´s films.

Celia’s Top Picks this Spring


1. Second hand Neon bodysuit - we found one similar on Taobao

2. Handmade crochet neckpiece by Celia (RMB500)

3. Dr Martens 3989 ‘Brogue’ shoe (RMB900)