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By this time, most may have heard of the new visa policy affecting foreign employees in China. It also features the infamous points system which places foreign employees into A, B or C categories based on various factors such as Chinese language ability and how long they've lived in China.

To find out which category you fall into, try our new Foreigner Ranking Calculator. NOTE: The calculation and results are just estimation, and your actual points and visa category is up to the discretion of the immigration department.

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The new system basically merges the Alien Employment Permit and the Foreign Experts Certificate into one work permit for a simpler visa application process.

In a nutshell, Type A employees are those in high-level management, scientists and leading figures in academia, business, entertainment and sports. 85 points are required for A.

Type B workers are degree holders (at least a Bachelors) with two years work experience, which we're assuming are the majority of foreigners in China. There's an additional age limit of 60 for class-B foreigners. 60-85 points are required for B.

Type C are foreign workers in the service industry with seasonal/temporary jobs, like a 6-month teaching placement. Any point total below 60 gives you a C rating.

According to Global Times, China aims to utilize the new policy to encourage the introduction of top talents of Type A employees, while limiting the B and C categories which are less needed. When the system goes nationwide in April 2017, the new permit will be accompanied by a foreigner ID which allows foreigners to purchase items or sign up for things that once required a Chinese national ID, and the option to apply for a five-year permit.

Source: Shanghai Municipal Social Security and Human Resources Bureau (in Chinese).

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