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Taiji - Daoist Principles in Practice @9Clouds

Learn from highly trained instructors (20 to 40 years Taiji experience). From September 15th, classes will be held in Chinese. Watch for free, then join our daily classes Mon | 8-9:15pm | 周一 Tue | 12-1:15pm | 7-8:15pm | 周二 Wed | 10-11:15 | 8-9:15pm | 周三 Thu | 12-1:15pm | 7-8:15pm | 周四 Fri | 10-11:15 | 8-9:15pm | 周五 Sat

The Beatles,Tomorrow

Beatles fans, take note. The Beatles, Tomorrow exhibition gives fans a chance to get back to the '60s at the Lafayette Arts Center on Fuxing Lu, opposite Xintiandi Style. The traveling exhibition is a tribute to all things Beatles with a large number of original photos, never-before displayed vinyl and more than 250 original newspaper and magazine

Chen Zhen | Without Going to New York and Paris, Life Could be Internationalized

On its fifth anniversary, the Rockbund Art Museum explores the works of visual artist Chen Zhen (Shanghai, 1955—Paris, 2000). His large installations consist of everyday objects and recycled natural elements, inviting viewers to take an objective look at the contemporary world and the new types of problems it raises.


Shanghai B&D trade Co., LTD We, B&D, are Chinese factory cooperating with Italian. Our workmanship is from Italy, which is well welcomed in Euro. market. And there are some tailors from Savile Row or Bond Street, who have established good and long cooperation between us. So we believe our products will also be welcomed

Latin Dance Training

Want to dance but don’t think you have the skills? Latin Grooves wants to prove you wrong. Whether you’re in it to show off or just to get your feet moving a bit, you’ll be able to learn a variety of dances, from the rumba to the tango to the salsa.

Chinese ink painting

Enjoy the Chinese traditional art with us. Share Achievements with Relaxed atmosphere. You will get to know not only Chinese Art but also Chinese philosophy by learning the techniques on how to create Chinese traditional painting. Our teacher Ruizhi Song, Chinese ink painting artist. The first class painter of Oriental Painting and Calligraphy

Vegetarian cooking class + wet market visit

Learn how to cook simple and healthy Chinese food, loaded with vitamins, proteins and minerals and less oil and fat. The tour also includes a trip to a local wet market where participants will learn how to pick fresh seasonal vegetables.

Taiji Shanghai

我们练习 我们练习的是郑曼青的37式,杨澄甫的108式,和黄性贤的快拳。同时我们也练八种基础的固定招式推手以及八种进阶的固定招式推手。 真正的太极只有一种,且自有一套原则。后人根据自身的不同理解使之分为不同流派(杨氏,吴氏,陈氏太极等等),每种都

上海经常的太極 课 - Shanghai Taiji Classes

19:30-20:45 | 周一 12:00-13:15 | 18:00-19:15 | 周二 10:00-11:15 | 19:30-20:45 | 周三 12:00-13:15 | 18:00-19:15 | 周四 10:00-11:15 | 19:30-20:45 | 周五 12:00-13:15 | 周六 12:00-13:15 |

Chinese Character (different levels)

3000rmb, early bird price 2800rmb. 14 sessions, min 4/max 8 Early bird discount pay by Aug 11. 14 sessions, min 4/max 8 Chinese Character Beginner 1 (Mon) Mon Aug 24 - Dec 7 (no class on Sep 28; Oct 5) 1-3pm Chinese Character Intermediate 3 B (Tue) Tue Aug 25 - Dec 8 (no class on Sep 29;Oct 6) 10am-12pm Chinese character 2 (Mon & Wed) Mon &