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Mid-Autumn Festival At Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai

This year, Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai presents the 2016 Mooncake Collection – the legend, the full moon and honoured family traditions. Our signature boxes are a selection of intricate designs combining traditional and modern influences. Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai’s signature mooncakes are the perfect gift for your friends and

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The World of Tim Burton

Lafayette Arts and Design Center will host bizarre models and props from legendary director Tim Burton's films as well as a show that will create 'the experience of walking directly into the comedic and ironic, dark yet fantastic world of the genius director.' RMB130 Weekdays, RMB 170 Weekends.

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Chen Tianzhou: Trayastrima

Chen Tianzhuo explores his Buddhist beliefs in overt displays of hedonism, debauchery and provocative imagery. Using a mixture of video and large installments, with brightly colored and dismembered inflatable characters, Chen simulates the feel of Wonderland-gone-wrong. This is a definite must-see for the experience alone. Entry RMB 50.

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Irreversible Intrusions

“Irreversible Intrusion” features the work of artists Isaac Julien and Lili Reynaud-Dewar. First showcased in 2010, Julien's Ten Thousand Waves is a Chinese epic in the modern age, paying homage to the 23 illegal Chinese immigrants who lost their lives in the Morecambe Bay tragedy in 2004. Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s My Epidemic is a heartbreaking


Zhang Ding: Enter The Dragon II

Chinese artist Zhang Ding opened a second iteration of his “Enter the Dragon” series at the K11 Art Museum. Similar to his 13-night performance in Hong Kong last October, Ding features pairs of musicians from various genres that improvise together as rotating mirrors and vibrant decor stimulate the audience. The exhibit also opens as a


Zhou Xiaohu: Chimera

Zhou Xiaohu uses contemporary art to display China's rich culture of philosophy and art in a solo exhibit that occupies the entire main hall of the Minsheng Art Museum. Zhou interprets ancient Chinese philosophical allegories in a performances that includes life-size puppets, videos, and moving sculptures.


Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative

This group exhibition features the work of artists from across Asia, expressing stories about the recent development in life and structure of the continent. With a variety of imagery and style, eleven different stories share the changing people and geography of locations in Japan, Thailand, and China.


Fanatic Automatic

island6 (Liu Dao) presents “Fanatic Automatic!” a show that ponders the all but inevitable automation of…well, everything. What might be the final outcome of artificial intelligence, and what will our world look like? Will it be an apocalyptic hell on earth, or a shining testament to the always-enduring human spirit? In "Fanatic Automatic,"

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ShanghaiPRIDE 2016 - Art & Photo Exhibition

The theme of this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE Art & Photo Exhibition is “性别 Gender”, an extension to the main theme “生为平常 I Am Me”. Five talented artists from different industries will share their understanding of the theme through brush and lens. Thanks to the support of Xin Café, this year’s exhibition will go on for two weeks

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Chen Xiaoyun: 106 Flashes of Lightning That I Collect

ShanghART welcomes artist Chen Xiaoyun’s newest solo exhibition, which includes a series of sculptures, installations and videos all created in 2016. "106 Flashes" explores the ephemeral nature of lightning through various media, presented and narrated in third-person point of view.


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