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Studio White Gallery : presents Daniel Krause’s Sculpture “Moving China”

Daniel Krause - grew up in US, Chicago, his father was a pharmacist and his mother a law student. In 1976 his family moved to Westlake Village, Los Angelos, where he attended high school. In highschool, he focused on stoneware slab sculpture and porcelain ceramics. In 1978 he learned about the discovery of the Xi'an Terracotta Soldiers, these

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Tai Chi Class

Tai chi is an exercise through which we connect with the essence of our energy, learn to harness it, and let it flow naturally - harmonizing that energy. Taichi provides strength and flexibility to the body, tranquility and serenity to the mind, and brings a sense of well-being to the practitioner. It rejuvenates and revitalizes. For those who are

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Silent Stories

Ming Contemporary Art Museum (McaM) brings the work of Belgian artist Jans Lauwers and Needcompany to Shanghai. In this exhibition, Lauwers recycles objects, history and his own career. It's also centered around an original installation and durational performance piece, crafted specially for McaM.

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ASC Grand Sale at the Wine Residence!

ASC Fine Wines is China’s leading fine wine importer and distributor with over 100 brands and 800 team members across Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, amazing prices on our leading wine brands are available at the Wine Residence by ASC. All wines are up to 50% off. Special deals on Bordeaux Grand Cru wines

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Chen Xiaoyun: 106 Flashes of Lightning That I Collect

ShanghART welcomes artist Chen Xiaoyun’s newest solo exhibition, which includes a series of sculptures, installations and videos all created in 2016. "106 Flashes" explores the ephemeral nature of lightning through various media, presented and narrated in third-person point of view.

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Free Your Mind & Enjoy Painting

“Painting is just another way of keeping a dairy.” Pablo Picasso Feeling stressful in the city life? Urge to express the emotion but no right words? Let art express your deep core… translates your messages…express yourself when words fail… Paint in Freestyle at KART Studio offers: - Open canvas with all materials (just show

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Resurrection of Materiality: Dual Exhibition by Zhuang Hong Yi and Zhang Zhenxue

Resurrection of Materiality: Dual Exhibition by Zhuang Hong Yi and Zhang Zhenxue shows artworks that detect the shift in attitude towards physicality in contemporary art. Accentuating the role of material in their works, both artists share a common vision of material as a means not only to transmit meaning, but rather as a means to create meaning.

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Zhang Qing: Boundary

Zhang Qing’s solo exhibition presents the artist’s in-depth exploration of surveillance psychology in recent years. His early surveillance art has been gradually developed into probing and broadening a person's psychological state under monitoring and surveillance while using multimedia and video technology. This show will debut six of Zhang's

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Dim Sum Brunch at VUE Dining

VUE Dining has a family-friendly dim sum brunch every weekend, featuring a live congee station and dozens of perfectly packaged Cantonese treats. The brunch includes tea and soft drinks, and is RMB188 for adults, half price for children ages 6-12 years old and complimentary for children under six years old. All prices subject to 15% service charge

vegetarian cooking class wet market visit

Vegetarian cooking class + wet market visit

Are you interested in the Healthy Vegetarians dishes? Here, you can learn how to cook simple and healthy Chinese food. With less oil, we will make a balanced and rich meal with loads of vitamins, proteins and minerals that is healthy and delicious. We guide you go to the local wet market and teach you how to choose fresh seasonal vegetables.


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