Newman Tours: Shanghai Gangster Tour

Saturday And Sunday Every Week June 18 - June 30


This event has already passed


3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Outside exit 3 of Changshu Road Metro Station (lines 7 & 1) 常熟地铁站三号出口.


(0086) 138-1777-0229
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Newman Tours: Shanghai Gangster Tour Description

Take a tour through Shanghai with a colonial gangster and learn about the crime lords who once ruled the city like kings. From “Big Eared” Du with his lucky monkey heads to “Pockmarked” Huang and his police car drug distribution, get to know some of the early 20th century’s most powerful gangsters, and find out why you wouldn’t want to cross them.

Then, having got your bearings amongst the city’s leading criminal families, enjoy a complimentary drink in a property that once belonged to one of the world’s most influential families. Whilst there we will show you how to cheat when playing Black Jack and Craps and explain how colonial Shanghai’s casinos ensured they always came out on top.

And if hanging round criminal estates and learning how to cheat at Black Jack still hasn’t got your heart pumping fast enough then how about shooting some guns!?! That’s right, if you’re game for this optional extra, we’ll take you to a carefully chosen shooting range and let you participate in a Cops vs. Robbers Shooting Competition (archery is available as an alternative option upon request).

Public Gangster Tours every Saturday 15:00-17:00/18:30.

Tours must be booked in advance (0086 138 1777 0229,,

To see a detailed tour schedule and pricing options please go to:

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City Weekend Says

So you think you're gangsta. Not after this tour, you won't. Roll through Shanghai and find out all about how this city's most notorious once ruled and lived like royals. Book in advance. RMB230 for adults, RMB200 for students and RMB140 for kids.