The Prince Of Egypt Musical Theater

One-Off Event Sunday Every Week February 5 - February 28


This event has already passed


9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


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The Prince Of Egypt Musical Theater Description

**Do you adore the brave lion in the Lion King? Do you admire the lovely governess in the Sound of Music? How about High School Musical?**

Do you enjoy the great music and the wonderful dances in these musical theater productions? If you like them, if you love the stage, if you just want more self-confidence…come on! The musical theater program is waiting for you!

We provide a new 12 week program at JZ School for slightly older children who are ready to focus on the key performance aspects of musical theater.

Each session is comprised of three sections; dramatic performance, singing and dancing. Students are also invited to get involved with script adaptation, stage management, and directing.

We will work on a play—the "Prince of Egypt", which will be presented at the end of the semester.

This is a challenging program, yet it is a lot of fun. We believe kids will be able to do deliver a wonderful performance and form a solid foundation for their artistic development.

**Program schedule**

Every Sunday 9:00—11:00

**About the play…**
This play is from the Biblical story of Exodus. It tells the story of Moses releasing the Jews from Egyptian slavery under the hand of the evil pharaoh Rameses.


Moses, Rameses, king, queen, mother (Yohavad), sister (Miriam), bother (Aaron), the priest of Midian, Tzipporah, Huy, Hotep…


"Deliver us", "All I ever wanted", "Playing with the Big Boys", "The Plagues", "Through Heaven’s Eyes", and "When You Believe".

**Instructor:** Tao Ran

**Duration:** 12 weeks

**Ages:** 11- 15 years old

**Commences:** 2010, February 28th

**Price: 3,200RMB**

Performance on Student concert: 2010, June 12th

Please call Mei or Ringky on 5403-6475 or email,

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City Weekend Says

Kids ages 11-15 can sign up now to participate in the next round of musical theater at JZ. This time, they're using music, dance and true thespian skill to bring the "Prince of Egypt" alive on stage. Students will be involved in script adaptation, stage management, directing as well as creation of sets, props and costumes. The 12-week program begins on Feb. 28.