Asian Vibes

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10:30 p.m.


47 Yongfu Lu


Latest update: 04/16/2014 | Original poster: partyposse

Asian Vibes Description

Shiva Lounge is the one of the hottest spots with multinational people on Youngfu road in Shanghai.
As compared with the other spots, it is always crowded with fashionable people,great music and loads of fun especially on weekends.
On weekends, it turns into an "after-hours" club with amazing sound and a festive atmosphere.
It is one of the greatest night clubs to enjoy with high quality live music from various kinds of people all over the world.
Finally, "Asian Vibes" comes out for the first time this summer to Shiva Lounge.
("Asian Vibes" is the oriental & psychedelic party organized by a Japanese DJ Nakazawa,
who has worked many different careers and in various clubs in Shanghai since 2006 )
The charming music vibe of "Asian Vibes will be sure to create the type of environment you are looking for.
The Shiva Lounge can be seen as little India with its Indian stylish interior and vibrant music.

Published by partyposse on 08/04/2011

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