PeeKaBoo Kindergarten House

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Lane 10, 39 Yongjia Lu



near Shaanxi Nan Lu



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PeeKaBoo Kindergarten House Description

This former French Concession spot offers English / Chinese and French / Chinese schooling for children ages 1 to 6. The classes mix aspects of both Montessori and Steiner as well as cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, music and theater. A large courtyard with a sandbox and shady trees is great for outside play. They also offer meals that include organic vegetable, and imported milk.

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As maybe some of you are still wondering which school to choose, we’d like to share with you what’s happened to our daughter this year at PEEKABOO Kindergarten in Shanghai.
We are french parents and have one daughter of three years old who got very serious accident.
Our daughter was in small bilingual french chinese section from mid september 2011 to 10thjanuary 2012. Her class is managed normaly by a team of 4 people : a french teacher, one chinese teacher, one assistant and one ayi. (but since mid december the french canadian teacher left).
When the morning we bring our kid to school, we want them of course to be in safe environment with responsible adult.
On tuesday 10th january, mother arrived at school to pick up our daughter 3:30 pm. The teacher started to talk to the mom about daily things before she saw her daughter! she was shocked, as her friend (an other mom), when she saw her face injured, the nose has huge hematoma with blue green color and inferior lip was still bleeding. She asked immediately what happened to the chinese teacher and why she didn t call us,no answer... but finally she said, your daughter fell from the scooter in the playground in the morning, nose hit the front scooter. Mother asked did you take her to see the nurse (nursery is 2meters from the playground place where accident happened), she answered 'No, because your daughter didn t want to.' We wondered who is the adult? the kid or the teacher? who should decide when it is serious for sure when there is a hit like this, should see the nurse at least.
We cannot believe that nobody, other adults who were in playground didn t take our daughter to see the nurse! The worse thing is that they didn t call neither the dad or the mum. We can't imagine that our daughter suffering with her nose and lip like this all the day, with no first aid care by a nurse (in school) or doctor.
We knew only on friday 13th january,because we insist in having exact report about the accident circumstances from the french Director of the school, that daughter head also hit on the playground just after nose hit front scooter. It is unacceptable that the mother could only take her daughter to see doctors only at five in afternoon since the accident happened at 10:30 in morning and Peekaboo didn t call her. We went to Parkway but doctor said she should do X ray but they cannot do it, should go another hospital. Our friend found another hospital Doctors confirmed on wednesday that front of nosebone is broken.
Since the10th january our daughter was very tired, don t sleep well, whole family is affected. Our daughter vomited whole day on friday 13th january and got high fever. Doctor said shouldn t be linked with the fall from scooter but as parents we are still worried because we don t know clearly what happened on that 10th january.
The teacher since the begining wanted to hide the accident, when she saw the mother she didn't even mention it, how can she think that we won t see the big hematoma on the nose of our daughter? The two directors chinese and french, said they didn t kow about the accident , the teacher didn t tell them. They decided to change the teacher of class but keep her in school. We decided not to keep our daughter in Peekaboo Kindergarten anymore.
End december and begin January, she got already hematoma in front of her head and this teacher didn’t bring her to the nurse. Same answer from the teatcher, your daughter didn’t want to go. We complained to chinese director and said that if something happens again, the teacher should take our kid to the nurse and call us if it is serious!
We chose this kindergarten because it was managed also by french director, we thought it would be safe for our kid with safety rules but unfortunately it was not the case. Despite of previous safety warning by us to Peekaboo management, the result is now broken nose of our 3years old daughter and she don’t sleep well since accident. We also still have to wait more than three weeks before another check at hospital and don t know if head has really nothing because still in doubt about the precise details of the accident as the teacher seems to try to hide the accident
Why Peekaboo has scooter in school without helmet if teacher is not competent to look well after kids ? Why teacher don t take kids to see nurse when something happened to kids? Why the school doen t call parents when something happened to our kids? Why teacher try to hide the truth when there s an accident? Why the management let unexperienced chinese teacher managing a class all the day?
After examination on 7th february by a nose specialist doctor, our daughter has not only nose bone broken but the end of the nose bone is also very crooked, doctor said it can prevent her of well breathing and probably can have blood flowing from the nose, an chirurgical operation can be done only at 18.
As Peekaboo doesn't assume their faults and responsabilities, we sue them to the court.
Angry Parents in Shanghai


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