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Japanese Food in Shanghai: Yaky+Robert

Category : Eat & Drink

New shopping complex The Place has recently welcomed an influx of restaurants, including under-the-radar Japanese restaurant Yaky+Robert.   The spacious restaurant embraces industrial chic, with metal rivets and iron piping throughout. Combined with the Japanese mural on the wall, the atmosphere

Shanghai Sports: SuperModel Fit

Category : Sports & Activities

To our knowledge, none of City Weekend’s staff writers are adept at the dance craze known as twerking—the butt-popping, hip-shaking moves made notorious by Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. So imagine our surprise at finding Shanghai's own SuperModelFit offers “Twerk Basic” for booty beginners.

Choice Chinese: Herbivore Haven

Category : Food

Once in a blue moon, even cretaceous carnivores like us enjoy channeling our inner herbivore. And when we do, we choose Lucky Zen, a rare vegetarian restaurant in a city strewn with so much animal protein that a breeze will blow a pork rasher in your face.   Don’t worry, Lucky Zen’s not some

New Bar: U Gastronomy & Lounge

Category : Reviews

The ground floor of the lane house that holds Taste Buds Cocktail Palace has been sitting unfinished since the bar opened this summer, but development suddenly spurred on late last year and U Gastronomy & Lounge was born in the space this January. With its slick streetwear-like logo and minimal

Art Review: Trans-Design

Category : Reviews

West Bund Art Center, a hub of the burgeoning scene in the West Bund arts district, has conceived another artistic explosion that takes over the sprawling former airplane hangar. In concept “Trans-Design” occupies the bleed between design and fine art with a wide range of objects and

Netflix & Chill: 7 Films for the 7 Days of CNY

Category : Arts & Culture

Staying fed and avoiding the crowds during the CNY holiday is an art in itself. If you’re staying in the big city and stumped on how to stay busy, here’s a week’s worth of films to keep you entertained through the holiday festivities.   Day 1: Chinese While all of China is having New

Shanghai's Best Weekend Events

Category : Nightlife

Ring in Chinese New Year with our list of this weekend's best live music, dance parties and more. Read on for the roundup.   Winter Set Friday at 10PM. Bar Rouge battles the cold with dancing and drinking at their Winter Set party. Free before midnight with the password "Miss Rouge." RMB100

Monkey Kingdom

Category : Things To Do

Among the many big things this country is known for, China also boasts some of the world’s greatest diversity of wildlife—leopards, Siberian tigers, elephants, tropical birds and, of course, the country’s trademark panda.   But the animal you’re most likely to see throughout China’s

How To: Blow Sh*t Up (Safely)

Category : Sports & Activities

Chinese legends say that a monster (nianshou) emerges on New Year’s, but it has an aversion to loud noises and flashing lights, causing locals to set off fireworks and firecrackers. As such, it’s pretty much impossible to walk down the street during Chinese New Year—despite the government’s

Play: Hazy Days

Category : Community News

In time for the CNY holiday, indie game designer Mike Ren just released his new pollution-themed PC game, "Hazy Days," where players help a little girl make it to her family's celebration.     "Hazy Days" is essentially a breathing simulator game set in the smoggy Shanghai winter. A little